Discovering The Hemp Bombs CBD Brand

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Hemp Bombs Review – Is It One Of The Top CBD Companies?

Today the team at SSNA are happy to review the Hemp Bombs brand of potent CBD products, a young company taking the market by storm. They offer a full line of top quality products that provide relief from anxiety to a deadly disease such as cancer. Cannabidiol is an enhancer for the body with long-term health wellness benefits. Examples of some the companies top sellers are their signature CBD e-liquids, Sugar Cookies Kryptonite and Exotic Watermelon Kush flavor.

We currently have a Hemp Bombs order of their entire line. We intend to thoroughly test and diagnose them all and give our honest review and opinion which will be ongoing within this review with updates along the way. Lets start by talking about the company background.


The Hemp Bombs develops it’s CBD oil in Tampa, Florida. They produce multiple varieties of premium cbd oil products such as the CBD bottle tinctures, CBD e-liquid, CBD gummies, syrup and capsules. Hemp bombs started operation in early 2016, so the brand is very new to this incredible emerging market and is growing daily exponentially.

Since their early introduction, they’ve been climbing up the ladder as not only a reputable company, but their hemp cannabidiol quality speaks for itself. Hemp bombs have a secure distribution network of brick and mortar stores. Their branded items are found in convenience stores, smoke shops, and novelty stores. The company employ’s over 60 people (bombers) through their Hemp Bombs brand.

Some Words From The H.B Brand

In a statement by the Marketing director, Josh Kennedy, “we manufacture our products in-house from hemp grown from NON GMO eco-friendly and import directly from Europe.”  ” We use the industry leading and properly formulated farming standard to provide high-quality products.” We’ll dig more into their “in-house” manufacturing process as we proceed with the review.

In our discussion, Kennedy talked about why cbd companies should always maintain an extreme quality standard. The quality should run from manufacture to production to consumer with the best and safest quality cbd product as the end result.

We performed a reputation analysis of the hemp bombs website and their social media reviews. We concluded that customers were more than pleased with what they purchased.

Some of the reviews are:

“hemp bombs cbd is da bomb!”
“Very high-quality product,”
“incredible product,”
“Completely impressed: something you can feel on the instant.”

What Do Hemp Bombs Offer?

As a recap, hemp bombs provide many lines of top quality CBD products. Hemp bombs formulates these incredible products for users to help with not only pain relief,but to enjoy an array of full health benefits. Another attribute is that cannabidiol mg is intended as a mood enhancer feeling of total relaxation to customers.

Hemp bombs work with a team of top nutritionists. These professionals combine the high purity European hemp cbd infused with other extracts of natural botanicals. The goal is to create and blend a healthy product that enhances the optimal body and mind function. Your body’s benefits can go from relief of pain and anxiety to an extreme mood enhancer as well as a sleep aid, but a natural sleep after an extreme mood pleasing experience.

The CBD niche is a marketplace flooded with both local and international competitors. The cannabidiol products market is the precise definition of “saturation,” and continues to grow in leaps and bounds by the day. There are various companies out there with convincing goals. Hemp bombs ensures that their customers get explicit details of what to expect from them. Below is what hemp bombs promise for both their potential and existing clients.

Strictly Imported European Hemp

(Pictured below is the Netherlands Hemp Museum)

Most of the local (here in the U.S) hemp CBD companies use domestic hemp grown in the legal states. Or import their hemp from countries like Asia or South America. The H.B. brand import their hemp entirely (100%) from Europe. From history, Europe (primarily Netherlands) has been extremely successful with cultivating and farming hemp with not only the highest potency but an equal level of standards and health regulations.

In-House Manufacturing Process

This is a good reason why we love this company. Hemp bombs manufacture their own products in-house! A lot of cbd companies use private label (meaning purchase from another company and brand as their own) H.B. follows the U.S food and drug administration guidelines and their quality control policy has earned them one of the highest rankings among other competitors.

For companies that do the outsourced manufacturing, the consumer’s fate lies within the quality perspective of another ghost company. Hemp bombs adjust their manufacturing with demands. They ensure that their products are shipped on time. Typically, an in-house operation gives the business a customer-centered impression.

Real CBD formula

There are significant varieties of legitimate CBD vendors out there. But don’t buy from just any vendor, did you know that there are others that produce fake CBD? The Hemp Bombs brand places a guarantee on all its products. The professionals at this company thoroughly test their products in lab and then to a 3rd party testing lab before reaching the consumer.

Products of Hemp bombs may not prevent any disease but has been documented to reduce cancer cell growth and seizures, but also have a positive effect on:

Quality of sleep
Mental Health
Pain Relief

*Consumers have the confidence that they are purchasing an excellent and well-made product.

Hemp Bombs Is Mobile

Natural advantages of in-house manufacturing helped hemp bombs to mobilize their brand. They do this in a way that others cannot. Hemp bombs has a large stock inventory from plant to product line. An advantage that can immediately make them adapt to market demands.

They provide an extra strength product for their customers. Hemp bombs initially started with just the CBD capsule and gummies. Now their product line has experienced a huge expansion. and continues to branch in more varieties, like their new mg cbd vape and cbd syrup for example.

Additional Benefits

It is not an understatement to say that hemp bombs offer more than just the products. They have excellent team members and professional customer care service.

These experts are more than ready to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. They often update their products, and site content to enhance better user experience.

They reserve some of their best perks for the newsletter subscriber. Currently, hemp bombs run an over 50% discount for subscribers at their email list. We guess their mission here is to develop a strong relationship with customers. Something that is more than another completed transaction at the shopping cart.

In one of our discussion with Kennedy, he said, “we‘d love to create a satisfied customer that stays for a long time.” “We want to achieve an online presence that is active and engaging enough for our audience to stay here.” “Also, our social media page is quite active to keep our customers questions answered and have them happy and coming back.” Hemp bombs has heavily invested in their customer experience-perks, to separate them from competitors!


This excellent CBD brand provides different lines of top quality CBD products. They formulate their products from imported hemp plants for users to enjoy a full ride of health benefits and a feeling of total relaxation. Another important factor with the use of non THC (less than .03%) is with a drug test! Some rumors have been mentioned that taking cbd will bring a positive on tests. This is categorically wrong and there has been no cases of anyone failing a drug test due to hemp oil.

The line of quality products provides an efficient and healthy result to enhance an optimal body and mind function. Your body will feel great inside.

After we complete our full Hemp bombs product reviews, we’ll give our unbiased opinion on quality and overall experience. From what we do know so far, we recommend you to give the company a try. They provide high-quality products at fair pricing. This is why they are evolving as a fast-growing brand in the CBD industry.