Advances In CBD Marijuana For The 21st Century

It Isn't Just Smoked Anymore

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Today’s Use Of Cannabis Is NOT The Old “Toke To Get Stoned… Man!” Way Of Thinking


A case study explores how a six-year-old boy suffering from Dravet Syndrome was given cannabis drops rather than one of his normal twenty-two anti-seizure medications per day. While those drugs controlled the seizures, those pills left him immobilized with many side effects.

After taking the cannabis drops, for the first time since he was a four-month-old baby he went an entire day without one seizure. A non-psychoactive form of marijuana allows this boy to play and run just like other kids, but it keeps him from getting high. The use of specific cannabis and other advances are poised for the 21st century in the field of medical marijuana.

Besides this young boy, many people around the world are benefiting from being treated for various ailments with high CBD (Cannabidiol) marijuana strains. CBD, which is also referred as cannabinoids are primary chemicals found in marijuana.

In recent years, strains are being experimented with that produce crops of marijuana as well as 100% legal Hemp with high levels of CBD Oil in them and very low levels, if any, of THC in them. THC is the psychoactive chemical that is associated with a marijuana high.


Some CBD concentrations are as high as 20 percent

This allows individuals who need to take marijuana medication to take it without having to worry about getting high as a side effect. Many people do not wish to feel this high to get the relief they are seeking from marijuana.

Many people were also questioned as to whether they had an ailment when applying for medical marijuana cards or if they just wanted to get high. With CBD strains coming on the market, getting high no longer has to be a big concern. These kinds of strains make marijuana safe for everyone from small children to the elderly.

There was a time if the patient wanted to use medical marijuana he or she had to smoke it to take it. It doesn’t take advanced research to figure out that inhaling any smoke into the lungs is not good for anyone’s health. This is one reason why medical marijuana experimenters are working to come up with ways a person can medicate with marijuana without having to smoke it.

There are now many different ways of taking medical marijuana. Caregivers can easily administer it, and those who are taking it on their own can easily dose it with accuracy. Some of the non-smoking means of consuming marijuana include vaporizing, eating edibles, drinking marijuana beverages and using sprays, drops or tinctures. Vaporizing involves using a device to heat the cannabis into a vapor which is then taken into the lungs.


For anyone who smoked in the past vaporizing is now the most common method of taking medical marijuana


Vaporizing releases five compounds chemicals but smoking marijuana actually releases 111 different compounds. This makes using dry herb vaporizers (see review here) the safest choice.

Using vapor versus conventional smoking has also proven to be highly effective in people who use to smoke and now use nicotine vaping products

Many edibles are made with marijuana butter, and many drinks are made with that same butter, or they can be purchased readily made. Tinctures can be a blend of various emollients or ointments with cannabinoids which are rubbed on the skin or taken into the mouth in drop form or spray form.

Even in the form of candies or other sweets these types of marijuana medications are all high in CBD’s. Still, they are treated as dangerous drugs and are always labeled with a warning that they should be kept out of the reach of children.


Cannabinoids in marijuana work the same way as the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the human body

Some researchers at Brown University have proven that the brain produces something called anandamide. This is a natural, pain-suppressing cannabinoid. This chemical which the body produces affects both the body’s CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. These are parts of the body’s nervous and immune systems.

The cannabinoids also work to regulate physiological processes such as appetite, pain, mood, and memory. Cannabinoids can also help regulate a person’s sleep patterns and can act as anti-inflammatory agents.

Another significant find is that CBD’s from medical marijuana are capable of acting as antioxidants on the brain. Some German researchers found that the CBD’s cannot only take care of cleaning damaged brain cells but they can also encourage the production of new brain cells.


This medical and scientific find has led to more research regarding CBD marijuana

It is even being looked into as the perfect medicine for athletes who suffer concussions. With CBD’s being added to medical marijuana patients can be treated for many other conditions and ailments. In fact, marijuana can be prescribed for anything from mild appetite loss to pain from multiple sclerosis.

It is clear that study and research have changed many of the negative views regarding marijuana since the days of the movie Reefer Madness which professed the horrors that this drug could bring. Science is providing people everywhere with a better understanding of what medical marijuana is and how those ingredients can treat and benefit people who are afflicted with many different conditions and ailments.

One significant find is that medical marijuana does not have to be smoked like a cigarette to be ingested. But even if it is, because of the new strains of high CBD marijuana people don’t have to worry about getting high from it at all. The fact that the human body makes cannabinoids is also an eye-opener especially in the field of medicine.

Marijuana is a lot safer than just about any prescribed drug. With this new research and understanding in the 21st Century, there is really no reason for this incredible medicine to be kept from anyone who could benefit from it.