The E-Clipse Lightening Fast Heat Up Digital Temp Control Vaporizer

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Let’s Take An In-depth Look At The E-Clipse Digital Dry Herb Device


Today Stop Smoking Now Aids is reviewing the E-CLIPSE vaporizer. We gave this unit a real hard solid run for a good 3 weeks vaping different botanical’s, capacity limits and temp controls before writing our non bias review. The details are below, but in a nutshell it took a “licking and kept on ticking”

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The Eclipse Is Simple To Operate and Super Affordable

Vaping experience depends a lot on the type of the vaporizer you are using. If you have already tried many vape pens and vaporizers and not satisfied, then you must try E-Clipse Vaporizer.

The E-Clipse will change the way you experience the vaping. The best part is the compact and sleek design which makes it very easy to carry. Besides being portable, it is also straightforward and comfortable to use. For those who follow our dry herb vaporizer reviews, this can be the best buy for them.

It’s equipped with all the best and latest technologies that undoubtedly enhance the overall experience of your vaping. To know more about the features, specs, components, etc. read on.

E-clipse Overview

This vaporizer by E-Clipse is an excellent device for vaping with some super fast heating technology. The herbal vaporizer which is features with a large ceramic heating chamber along with an OLED screen.

Thus, it will be easier for you to spot the temperature on display. You can also see the battery meter and much more essential information on that. It is the latest portable vaporizer equipped with some of the best-in-class features. It is small and compact with a height of only 4 inches.

The battery is fantastic, and the extreme temperature can reach 435 degrees Fahrenheit in just half a minute or even lesser. Just one of the many convenient vaping options available at a reasonable price that you can consider.

Features & Specs

  • This vaporizer is used for vaping dry herbs and flowers.
  • It comes with a heating chamber made up of ceramic which is cylindrical.
  • This vaporizer is equipped with a powerful Lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 2200mAh.
  • Another great feature is the adjustable temperature settings.
  • This vaporizer can heat up very quickly within 20 seconds.
  • It also comes with some amazing lock and unlocks safety features which are quite essential.

Major Highlights & Their Benefits

Some of the major highlights of this vaporizer are:

Convection Power: The debate of convection vs. combustible vapors is quite popular. For those who are not familiar with the terms, these two are the different types of technologies used for vaping.

The traditional method is the com-busting method in which a heating element is brought into direct contact with the substance to create smoke. Whereas on the other hand convection is modern technology. A movement is caused by a fluid which makes the chamber hotter, and heat is transferred.

This is a more efficient method which is used in this vaporizer by E-Clipse. It also helps to produce better vapor quality. Battery Life: Undoubtedly the Battery life of this vaporizer is worth mentioning. It is one of the major highlights as it comes with a 2200 mAh battery power. It is higher than most of the vapes available in the market that are using the convection technology.

The battery is so efficient and robust that it can last for almost a day if fully charged. Even if you are using the vaporizer often, the battery will last for a long time. You can always check the status of the battery on the OLED display.

So, unlike other vaporizers available in the market, you will not have to carry the charger everywhere you go to recharge the battery. You can forget about charging the vaporizer, once you load it fully once. Customizable Temperature: Another great thing about this E-Clipse Vaporizer is that you can adjust the temperature in your way. The settings provide you with a lot of options, and you will be able to get the exact temperature that you want.

You can increase or decrease the temperature anywhere within 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 435 degrees Fahrenheit. You will able to adjust (increase and decrease) by a single degree. So, you can get the exact required temperature. It will not be a problem for you at all. Size of the Device: Another notable aspect about this digital display vaporizer is its size. It is very compact in shape and size of this device is only 4 inches. You might have already tried many vaporizers that are bulky and clunky in shape.

But this one is the ideal one for you to carry anywhere. Since it is light in weight and sleek, it is very easy to vape while you are on the go. This is just the next-gen pen which is ideal for carrying in pockets as well. It looks very classy and elegant when you vape.

Even, this vaporizer uses convection technology which doesn’t affect the sleek body of the vaporizer.

Elements In The Kit

There are some very useful elements that you will get with this kit. These are:

  • The E-Clipse Digital Temp Control Vaporizer device itself
  • One flat mouthpiece This is for better convenience to vape while on go
  • One glass mouthpiece This is another excellent accessories just for your convenience
  • 4 Silicon rings If many people are vaping at one time then you would use these rings
  • One USB charger To recharge the vaporizer when the battery is down.
  • One cleaning brush To clean the pen efficiently after vaping the cannabis.
  • One scraping tool For scrapping of the remaining dry leaves and herbs in the pen
  • One protective box
  • A user manual


  • Sleek and light in weight
  • Easy to carry and use anywhere
  • Quite easy to clean after using
  • Great battery life that lasts for a day
  • Easy adjustment of temperature
  • Digital LED Display
  • Preset Temperature settings
  • Modern convection oven heating technology


  • Since it is small in size the chamber may not hold as much botanical as a larger unit.
  • The bottom of the unit is curved and can’t stand up on it’s own when filling
  • The included tube mouthpiece has a tendency to fall out easy
  • The charging cord is very short, we would recommend they make it longer
  • You can’t replace the battery or anything else except the mouth piece

Final Verdict

This E-Clipse Vaporizer is a tremendous vaping pen that you must try. It will change the way you have ever used a vaporizer before. The modern convection technology along with great battery life and small structured body is just a great deal for you.

You must not miss this chance and try vaping with this high-tech modern vaping tool. You will surely love the new experience of vaping. Even the features that it offers are significant at the price it is available in the market.

So, if you are looking for an extremely efficient vaping pen, grab this one!