2023 Vaporizer Review For The Top 7 Devices

Our Review Of The Best Cannabis Vaporizers to try in 2023

With cannabis finding itself more and more benefits into today’s world, it opens up a search for portable cannabis administering devices that are affordable, clean, and easy to use.

For that purpose, cannabis vaporizers have been the most common devices that people prefer to use on a large scale. The market for these vaporizers has boomed since the advent of cannabis and its use. However, the search for a clean and affordable vaporizer having high vapor quality, has been a never-ending task.

State of the art vaporizers is designed to avoid any overheating properties.

Good quality vaporizers require higher battery life along with lesser drawing resistance of the vapor. Taking all these factors into consideration, we lay down a few devices that qualify into the category of one of the best cannabis vape pen canada available in 2023

#1 The Mighty Vaporizer

The mighty vaporizer has proved to be one of the best vaporizers to date. With no draw-resistance, the mighty vaporizers make the experience better and better as the session of vaporizing gets along.

Due to its less draw resistance, the mighty vaporizer offers its users an efficient service with very less consumption of cannabis herbs. The mighty vaporizer allows temperature control to optimize the battery life of the device.

The vaporizer comes with many useful accessories, such as a dosage magazine. It gives the user a choice of either micro-dosing. Also, the mechanism of filling-aid makes it more convenient for the user to refill for the next session. Despite being a little bulky, the mighty vaporizer remains to be a favorite among its users.

#2 DaVinci IQ

With more comfortable and durable maintenance, the DaVinci IQ offers nothing short of excellent vapor quality and beautiful design and display. It has been made explicitly for on-the-go customers.

It is so compact that it fits right into your pockets, and you can use it at any point in time. It employs the ceramic-zirconium vapor path that allows for one of the tastiest experiences one would look out for.

Despite some draw resistance one might face in subsequent sessions, it offers different types of terpene flavors on the go. With a comparatively shorter lifespan of 1 hour, it comes with a fix of keeping an extra replacement battery, which can be changed once the primary battery deteriorates.

The DaVinci IQ offers extremely high-temperature control, which one could preset depending on their choice. The DaVinci IQ has proved to be one of the most highly appreciated vaporizers of 2021 owing to its merits, which the customer never fails to enjoy.

#3 The PAX 3 Complete Kit

Pax 3 Review | Still the king of portable herbal ...

The complete PAX 3 kit is made out of a severe light metal case, such as an aluminum case. The light aluminum casing protects it from any damage or rust.

Despite being on the market for a long time, it has bought itself a recognition like no one else. Owing to the ease of its use and different vapor flavor it offers, the PAX 3 kit is nothing but a bounty for customers.

Affordable prices make the PAX 3 complete kit one of the best buys in the vaporizers section. It comes with an application that allows the user to activate boosts that could blow huge clouds with a little draw resistance.

Similar to the mighty vaporizer, the PAX 3 complete kit comes with a distinct and prominent range of accessories. One of them being its very faster heat up time, which is lesser than 20 seconds. With very high battery backup, the PAX 3 offers nothing but a delight to its customers.

#4 Ghost MV1

Full Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review - YouTube

Tackling the problem of vaporizers being bulky, Ghost MV1 offers the perfect alternative for discreet on the go users.

Equipped with the design that provides no draw resistance, the heating of herbs will induce an incredible sensation that leaves the users wanting for more. One does not even have to wait for the device to heat up and can use it on the go.

Ghost MV1 crucibles offer an enjoyable experience and have received very positive customer feedback. It does not fail to provide one of the best vapor qualities with high efficiency.

The device can handle higher concentration and has an application connected via Bluetooth that can help in temperature control. Many of the users prefer Ghost MV1 over other vaporizers for its unforgettable experience that leaves users to crave for more.

#5 The Firefly 2+

Firefly 2 makes a good vape better with high-performing style

With swift heat-up time and very distinctly susceptible vapor flavors, the firefly 2+, despite being new to the market, has become a massive competitor to the rest of the existing vaporizers.

The temperature regulation mechanism is very trivial. The device provides a super light and an enjoyable experience that the customers have been interested in.

It amazes all its users with such high-quality vapor flavors and the ease of usage. The device is equipped with a conventional heating system. It offers to be an excellent alternative to customers who look to upgrade from a start kit type vaporizer.

#6 The Boundless Tera V3

Boundless TERA V3 - Brand NEW Portable Technology Heating ...

The Boundless Tera V3 has been one of the prettiest vaporizers of today’s time. V3 has been designed with a lot of upgrades that have impressed all its users.

It is still having a conventional heating system and heats as fast as the rest of the state of the art vaporizers. It has a very decent price tag, offering experience way beyond other vaporizers of the same price range.

The boundless Tera V3 can give high vaping time and produce immensely massive clouds. The device also offers up to 1 hour of extremely high potent vaping and also comes along with extra add-on batteries for enhanced usage.

#7 The Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 - The Altered Native

Often compared to the volcano desktop made by Storz and Bickel, the Arizer Solo 2 has never degraded itself in terms of the vapor quality it produces.

It also provides a very high battery backup of more than 3 hours. It is light and one of the easiest to be used vaporizers to date. It has a hybrid heating system that is different from the conventional heating system that has given a higher performance through its glass mouthpiece.

It is as swift as the PAX 3 complete kit to heat up and gives amazing experience in terms of the vapor flavor and the quality. Despite being a little bulky than the other vaporizers at the same prices, it has retained a high recognition level and has kept its customers very happy.

All in all, what features might appeal differ from customer to customer. However, with such well-designed vaporizers on the market, customers and users are sure to find a product that they would love to use.