Why WAS Cannabis/Hemp Illegal in The First Place-The Startling Truth!

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The Real Reason Cannabis is Illegal in Almost The Entire World

Can you handle the truth about cannabis

The team at stop smoking now aids have done extensive research to timeline layout, how the once industrial booming cannabis/hemp agriculture went from a gift from God to the devils weed. You’ll soon discover that what you’ve been told to believe is NOT at all close to the truth. We aren’t going down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole in this article, this is based on cold hard truth and facts.

Over the past 81 years, the cannabis plant has been declared illegal here in most of the U.S. and over 150 other countries. However, the real reason for the war against this miraculous plant had nothing to do with concerns of it being socially dangerous, but for financial reasons and total dominance of the big four industries!

Very few people know why this wonder plant, which has been used for thousands of years and titled “The Miracle Plant” “The Sister of Man” and “A Gift From God” became outlawed in the first place. Since ancient times the cannabis plant has been an invaluable source for the production of textiles, paper, food, fuel and a tremendous range of medicinal health remedies.

So Why Make The Worlds Most Beneficial Plant Illegal?

Sure, factors such as control had a fair share in this process, but the real reason will astound and anger you because we’ve all been duped BIGTIME!

In this article, we’ll dig deep into why the real target was the industrial hemp plant all along (non psychoactive) and NOT the war on drugs theory of Mary Jane being the devil weed.

Here’s an interesting fact: In the early days cannabis cultivation was mandatory by law! Yes, if you weren’t growing the plant as a farmer you could be put in prison. Not to mention our very own U.S. constitution, the sacred document we hold so dearly was written on hemp paper.

Henry Ford And The CHEMURGY Movement

The turn around basically started with the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 1930’s when the “CHEMURGY” movement began. Which was to harness and transform the natural agriculture output in order to integrate it into industrial production with cannabis being the main crop on the list. The idea was to take agricultural products and supply the industries with all the raw materials it needed.

One of the founders of this movement was Henry Ford who built an automobile entirely from agriculture vegetable products, primarily cannabis. According to a Historian, the 3 forms of cannabis… (Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis) these crops combined have more than 24,000 product applications. Not to mention that every part of the plant was used from hemp fiber to hemp seeds with zero waste.

However as great as the crop is, there was one “major thing” in the way of it’s ability to be industrially mass produced and competitive.

That was the long dragged out process to separate the fibers from the stalk, at that time it could only be done manually by hand.

Making production extremely slow and costs higher in comparison to the competitions mass produced synthetics.

So due to this slow production method, the early stages of the industrial revolution with cannabis never concerned its competitors. Until a new machine was invented called the “Decordicator” this automated the once very slow manual process into ultra fast and efficient production.

It wasn’t too long after the decordicator was introduced that cannabis by-products starting become the clear winner in this new industrial age.

After the huge success of now competing in production was achieved, a prominent journal namely “Popular Mechanics” predicted that cannabis would be the first billion-dollar crop.

The First Billion Dollar Crop

Before this prediction, there has never been a billion-dollar crop. It was a clear sign that the plant was revolutionizing lives of the American and world economies.

This shows how incredibly beneficial this crop was to the growth of early America, plus the rest of the world and for good reason. The plant was incredibly hardy, required no herbicides, could be grown easily in almost all climates and also grew faster than all other crops. The fiber was known as the most durable on earth for all clothing, ropes, wood pulpit products, such as paper & textiles as well as food and fuel.

However practically overnight… something happened that changed things to this day! So brace yourself for the truth because the following will unleash the real reasons why cannabis became illegal. Lets dive into the history of the crop’s legal demise which you probably never knew.

How Did Cannabis/Hemp Become Illegal-What You Don’t Know!

Enter The Elite Five…

the elite five

With the tremendous success of the cannabis cultivation a serious threat developed with competing industry leaders. Particularly one William Randolph Hearst (newspaper magazine media mogul) who invested heavily and purchased millions of acres of timber forests to produce paper for his multi million dollar empire.

With cannabis paper being a better quality then timber paper and the cost fractional to timber, Hearst knew he was doomed and it wouldn’t take long before his empire would crumble.

Hearst wasn’t the only industry tycoon being massively effected, Lammot DuPont (The DuPont Corporation Petrochemicals) just established thousands of synthetic patents to make all of their known products from oil derivatives. The hemp production would also destroy his empire as with Hearst.

Now what’s interesting about these two was they were both funded by the prominent banker Andrew Mellon, who also owned Gulf petroleum and at the time the oil industry was booming. However, hemp offered a cleaner and better alternative then oil, making Mellon’s company doomed to collapse the same as Dupont and Hearst.

At the same time the pharmaceutical industry was just starting and building momentum which was controlled and financed by non other then John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. They were focusing their attention on an all out war eliminating natural herb remedies and supplements, so they could create chemical alternatives in their laboratories.

The medicinal power of hemp oil and it’s derivatives being a natural holistic alternative would have a crushing impact on them as well! So all five of these icon moguls could stand to lose everything, if hemp continued it’s growth in the industry. Also Rockefeller owned the Standard Oil company and was building refineries and gas stations all over the country, so cannabis was a double threat to him.

So the elite five (E5) grouped together and formed an alliance representing the synthetic textile, oil, petrol derivatives and pharmaceutical industries.

The E5 agreed that cannabis/hemp could destroy them all and formed a coalition to rid their competition completely. But how? Along with the financial clout, governmental power was also on their side being Andrew Mellon was the secretary of the U.S. Treasury at the time.

elite5 anslinger

Using his powerful government position, Mellon appointed his new future son in law “Harry J. Anslinger”

To be the head of a new government department called the Federal Bureau Of Narcotics or further referred as (FBN). Anslinger was already a part of the previous alcohol prohibition movement as a task enforcement agent and now the E5 wanted his new prohibition target to be hemp.

But wait a minute, hemp isn’t a psychoactive controlled substance so how could this be done? In fact hemp was much beloved by the people and they would never freely allow it banned.

The elite 5 were well aware of the publics love for cannabis and it was decided by the group to target the non competing cannabis plant that does contain THC and make that the culprit. So very cleverly Hearst came up with the idea of using the Mexican nickname “marihuana” which at the time was unfamiliar with Americans.

It was shortly after the Mexican Revolution. During this period there was an influx of immigration into the United States. To perpetuate the propaganda the blame would go on the recent Mexican immigration boom which populated states like Louisiana and Texas.

Labeling it as the devil weed and adding that it was brought in by Mexicans and minority groups stirring the racism factor to increase the matter.

Narrated By Woody Harrelson “Anslinger’s Reefer War”

To Further Perpetuate That Matter Anslinger Added Racism To His Crusade

At this time in history racism was growing rapidly in this country and connecting it with marihuana would create the negative buzz to persuade the American public even more.

Anslinger was quoted by stating to the public “These tokers are mostly Hispanics, Negroes, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marihuana use. This marihuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and others “

The E5 plan was to create such a negative propaganda campaign against cannabis to the public depicting it as pure evil so they would beg for legislation from their local senators and demand it be outlawed.

So the goal was if cannabis THC (pot) was banned all cannabis including hemp would also be banned and their problems were over.

The Marihuana Con Job

The mainstream media and newspaper mogul Hearst played the fear game on the public. Stating “The disruptive Mexicans are introducing their natural cultures and behaviors” (in other words bringing in their marijuana). “This poses a dangerous threat to all good American citizens.”

Hearst launched a newspaper crusade on his popular newspapers and magazines. The aggressive campaign saw many series of sensational stories. These stories highlighted the life-threatening events caused by “their fabricated” use of marihuana. Readers were made to believe that pot was responsible for every accident and moral derailment in America.

Reefer Madness-Movie Propaganda For Marijuana Prohibition

The blackmail further went into the movie industry. Several films like “Reefer Madness (1936) Marihuana: The Devil’s Weed” (1936), and Marihuana: Assassin of Youth” (1935) came on to the big screen. The mission was to make an enemy out of marijuana. “Reefer Madness” was the most disturbed and contrary of them. The storyline featured a man who went crazy from marijuana smoking. He later murdered his family using an ax.

Reefer Madness Original Trailer 1936


The mission for these propaganda movies was to gain public support by spreading outlandish lies depicting cannabis as the most heinous drug on the planet. The E5 knew the government’s congress would be pressured by the concerned unaware public to propose a law against Marijuana. In the 1930s, people had no means to question if any of this negative info was accurate.

There was no internet to confirm the authenticity of information forced on them. They built their belief and opinion on what they see on publications, movies and heard on the radio. Parents started informing their children on the dangers of Marijuana- as they were made to believe.

Much like todays FMSM (fake main stream media), Hearst and company could dictate the narrative by completely demonizing it as they wanted and made reefer public enemy number one in every publication, as the E5 originally planned. Now that they have succeeded in convincing the public it was soon demanded that congress put a law to prohibit it.

President Franklin Roosevelt Signs The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act

In 1930, a congregational hearing was made on the marijuana law called the farm bill. Which strictly prohibited the cultivation and use of all cannabis. Bearing in mind at this time there was a big unknown distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana.

In fact it was later discovered many of the senators voting to ban marijuana had no idea it was also hemp and were shocked and disappointed when they found out they banned their beloved profitable hemp. The FBN further proceeded in controlling the Mexican immigration using the same excuse.

Some lawmakers made outrageous statements like “Marijuana could turn an average normal man into a violent psychopathic killer in a matter of weeks.” Harry J. Anslinger, also said that cannabis smoking had increased among young American students causing them to be helpless addicts leading to insanity and suicide.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s opinion on reefer supported Anslingers’ argument. However the American Medical Association opposed the idea. They emphasized the many amazing medical benefits of the entire cannabis sativa family.

Despite the strong medical opposition, nothing changed the politicians thoughts and On April 14, 1937, the marijuana tax act bill was brought to Congress and signed into law by president Roosevelt. The new accepted marijuana tax bill called for ALL cannabis to be a schedule 1 controlled substances.

The La Gaurdia Commitee Report

Now the war on cannabis had officially begun and the propaganda continued by showing glorified “reefer” arrests in Hearst’s publications, trying to further convince the public of it’s dangers. However not everyone was convinced that cannabis was this evil weed, one being famous NYC Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia.

La Guardia didn’t believe in this demonizing and decided to have a real scientific study done on the effects of THC cannabis. He went through many lengths and hired 31 independent scientists to gain the most accurate information available and after 5 years of research released in 1944 The La Gaurdia Committee Report

This shocked the nation by stating his extensive study showed “Marijuana does NOT cause aggressive or anti-social behavior. Does NOT cause an increase in sexual depravity. Does NOT alter the fundamental aspects of personality.

The release of this report caused a great disturbance in the public and especially to FBN head Anslinger. He immediately began running to the press (aka Hearst) to discredit the report and created an agent task force to destroy every copy of the report.

Still not satisfied the public would buy their marijuana lie after the report, Anslinger further perpetuated media propaganda by stating and connecting the casual marijuana user had a 95% chance of leading to hard narcotics such as heroin.

The Journey To Total Prohibition Of Marijuana


After building the negative hype on “marijuana users” turning to harder narcotics ultimately painting the picture of becoming losers and public outcasts, Anslinger went to congress again and asked for new laws to be passed. The new laws would be that the crimes of marijuana would be treated the same as heroin or cocaine.

The laws were passed and in 1956 the offense for the possession of marijuana carried a mandatory sentence of two to ten years in prison. Some states were so strict that if a 2nd offense you could get a life sentence.

The Elite 5 (Hearst, Dupont, Mellon, Rockefeller and Carnegie) through the enforcing power of Anslinger had successfully controlled the hemp competition problem in the entire United States. However all the other countries still grew it and had competing industries in hemp cultivation.

Anslinger Successfully Sways The UN To Join The Crusade

The Elite 5 had Anslinger move his crusade against marijuana to the United Nations and in 1961 he presented a case and convinced all countries of the UN to unify in cannabis control and created the ” Single Convention On Narcotic Drugs” with 150 countries agreeing to the prohibition and equally treating cannabis as a schedule 1 offense.

This made cannabis illegal in almost the entire world, completely eliminating all competition! The Elite 5 had total dominance and continued to build their empires as we know from history and carry their legacies to this day.

The E5’s industries flourished and continued to build their multi billion dollar enterprises, while we ALL suffer in exchange! The E5 created the tremendous ecological nightmare we have today with their factories and refineries. Leaving us with air pollution, contamination of our waters, deforestation, endangering and distinction of animals and making us slaves to oil.

A little over a hundred years ago the earth and the farmer supplied all of the fiber, medicine, food and fuel provided by the planets natural resources.

“Today the farmer practically produces no fiber, except that from cotton which accounts for 50% of the use of herbicides and insecticides poisoning our soil and food.

The farmers do not grow any medicines at all, it is now completely monopolized by the pharmaceutical industry. The farmer doesn’t raise any fuel crops it’s all been monopolized by the petrol fuel companies. Even our food source is limited from the farmer with all the chemicals and additives in our food today.”

Now, cannabis is still illegal in most of this country and other countries of the world. This act, is still in place today and hemp is still an illegal plant. Is this right?

So That’s The REAL Reason Cannabis Is Illegal

Or can we say “was”, times are little different in this new year 2021 and more and more states are now fully legalizing cannabis, which allows hemp to be grown and becoming more in the mainstream. Hemp CBD oil is becoming one of the most powerful natural treatment for things such as cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety and so much more.

For example CBD oil can be purchased in all 50 states, whether your state has legalized cannabis or not. Hemp clothing and seeds are also fully legal to purchase along with all hemp products.