Discovering Availability and Legality Of CBD Oil In Florida

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CBD Oil In Florida

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Is CBD Oil Legal To Purchase In The State Of Florida?

Short answer is a resounding YES! however there are a few things that need to be understood. Not all cbd oils are equal is an understatement, for not only does CBD vary by quality and strength but in other ways. For example the cannabis plant has several strains as explained, along with the very complex hemp legal history through the years.

However there is a big distinction between CBD extract from “Industrial Hemp” and that of “THC Cannabis”. The CBD extract oils or tinctures from cannabis plants are much stronger in pain relief and cancer fighting agents. They also contain a much higher level of THC content generally 8-10%. In 2014 Florida joined the 28 other states allowing medical marijuana with the SB 1030 otherwise known as theCompassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014“.

Florida legislation bill as stated: “authorizing specified physicians to order low-THC cannabis for use by specified patients; requiring the Department of Health to create a compassionate use registry; authorizing certain medical centers to conduct research on cannabidiol and low-THC cannabis; requiring the department to establish an Office of Compassionate Use

The 2014 Farm Bill was put into law for the specific purpose of separating these 2 cannabis plant strains. In a nut shell clarifying that products and by products form industrial hemp are not to be treated the same way as THC cannabis. In reference to Floridians, it means since 2014 you are allowed to purchase both forms of CBD, providing that the cannabis oil contains no more than 10%THC and requires proper medical marijuana credentials from the patients doctors.


Industrial Hemp CBD Oil Is Legal to Purchase in Florida

As long as it’s derived from the hemp plant and contains no more than 0.3% THC. As mentioned previously the 2014 farm bill allows federally the use and consumption of industrial hemp oil to be purchased in all 50 states. Bearing in mind that the hemp grown can be domestic or imported providing it follows the stated guidelines. Now just because hemp CBD is federally approved doesn’t mean that states such as Florida can legally cultivate and grow their own hemp.

In fact Florida currently doesn’t allow industrial hemp farming and all CBD must be sourced outside the state.


Where Can You Buy CBD Oil In Florida?

We’re happy to say with the continued growth and success of cannabidiol tinctures more and more retail shops and online providers are becoming quite abundant. In fact sometimes too much of a good thing can get ugly, we’ve discovered along with the booming popularity of CBD we get our share of fakes, frauds and scams. So it’s best to do research and only purchase from a trusted authentic source who uses a private 3rd party testing lab to verify safety and purity.

We’ve researched two local Florida cbd hemp producers who develop their own branded product lines and do everything in house in the “Sunshine State“. The two we’ve extensively reviewed are Pure Science Labs and Hemp bombs. Naturally the hemp stalks used are not domestically grown and is the only thing that’s imported. Both of these top quality brands get their hemp from Europe using a medical CO2 extraction method for their CBD tinctures and carry a multitude of all natural cannabidiol products.

The CBD hemp oil products vary from tinctures, capsules, topicals and edibles. Both of these fine companies have developed fabulous products and follow every health standard regulation and use 3rd party private testing labs.


Can I Purchase Legal CBD Oil Online-Where To Buy?

Yes you can purchase CBD online in the state of Florida with no issues. Both of the outstanding CBD brands above offer secure checkout online services. You can chose from cbd edibles chocolates and gummies for anxiety and relaxation. Or serious health benefits from spectrum cbd extracts for medical pain relief and chronic pain like cancer and epilepsy with zero side effects.

Both of these companies pride their reputations on offering quality customer service and Stop Smoking Now Aids has exclusive discount codes for both. These discount codes are instant and simply need to have the codes put in the coupon box at checkout.