Break The Chains Of Smoking Cigarette Addiction!

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Guide To Help You Kick The Habit!

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Your family and friends who care about you would be so thrilled

if you could quit cigarettes…right?

It’s a good time to stop smoking right now and never look back. This article is jam packed with everything you need to break free from the tobacco prison.  Life is too short, so use the information in this article to quit forever.

When looking to kick the smoking habit permanently, you must feel that you can do it. Think about all the wonderful things you have achieved in your life up until now.

This will help you understand and gain the strength to conquer this dependency. Having faith in yourself is not only important to giving up cigarette smoking, but it’s also essential for total success in your life.

Don’t Try Quitting COLD TURKEY! (Although many people first try with the cold turkey method, only a small percentage succeed, it’s not for everyone)

Cold turkey is not the preferred way to go the first time trying to quit, for many it can sometimes be an arduous journey. Research studies show that over ninety percent of people who try to give up smoking cigarettes via this method end up relapsing.

Improve your chances of success

by discussing your plan to quit smoking with supportive family and friends. The reassurance you receive can provide added motivation throughout any rough patches. And informing individuals regarding giving up will indeed hold you more accountable. Have a couple of people on stand-by who you can ask for diversion whenever you get a desire.

Quit smoking cigarettes to make physical exercise easier. When you stop, your lung capacity enhances, and you could breathe better, making that day-to-day training goal a much simpler one to attain.

Once you decide to quit cigarette smoking

Give your house, automobile and all other personal areas a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Smelling smoke will just make you want to smoke. Your sense of smell will improve the longer you go without smoking. Cleaning will get you realize exactly how bad the smoke made you and your things feel. Commit to giving up.

People that can effectively give up cigarette smoking entirely dedicate themselves. They always have a backup plan, they don’t keep secrets from others about their progress, and they don’t tell themselves that they will fail. If you make this kind of commitment, you will dramatically improve your chances of meeting your goal.

Stay Inspired To Quit Cigarettes Completely.

Use the money you save to reward yourself. Figure out the amount of money you will have spent and as you progress, put the money you would save on cigarettes in a particular place.

Each time you reach a small goal, take some of that money and reward yourself with something nice. If you want to give up smoking cigarettes, just do it. ‘Giving up’ smoking cigarettes are two words that mean losing something, making it a mourning process.

One Of The Easiest Ways To Quit Smoking All Naturally Is Through The Use Of Holistic CBD

lets talk about cbd oil

As we continue to research and discover new ways to help folks to quit this horrible habit, one the latest  is the use of cannabidiol (aka CBD). This all natural hemp plant extract is often referred as “miracle cbd oil” because of its amazing benefits. We have done extensive research all about this holistic plant extract and you can vape cbd oil just like nicotine. However the cbd oil itself acts as a method of breaking the addiction to nicotine. Happily there is no nicotine at all in cannabidiol, so people have now successfully quit by switching to using it.

The other important thing about quitting through CBD is there are many different ways to take it to stop smoking. Not only via vaping, but through digesting the extract internally, topically and as edibles. If you’re interested in learning more about how to quit this way , we recommend you visit our many pages and discover things such as how to safely obtain legal cbd oil to purchase online

We also have many cbd company reviews that all follow the strictest of government health regulations and private 3rd party lab tested such as our latest Hemp Bombs Review and Hemp Bombs Coupons. We continue to research new companies and have quite a lot of valuable content related to hemp cbd. There is quite an interesting history on the hemp plant over the years and you’ll be shocked to read our detailed article why hemp is illegal? even to this day.

If you’re trying to understand how hemp cbd can help you quit smoking, we suggest you take a look at ourwhat is hemparticle. There is a vast amount of information to completely educate you on the subject. For example did you know that cbd oil stops Epileptic seizures as well as a all natural chronic pain treatment.

CBD Oil Is Not Just For Us Humans

That’s right even our four legged furry friends benefit from this holistic plant. Studies have shown that animals such as cats and dogs get excellent health treatments with separation anxiety and strong success on aiding against canine cancer. The producers of cannabidiol even have cbd dog treats and special formulated extracts that are milder then the human form.

Indeed this new holistic hemp tincture has been growing ever so popular, however not all cbd is equal! With any emerging product in the market place once a trend starts with such a proven success rate as cbd has, it’s not long before counterfeits come on to the market. This is the reason we dedicated a whole information page on before purchasing cbd oil online. There you will discover the things to look for and how to find approved 3rd party lab tested cbd producers.

Do not try to set a day to quit

Rather than trying to make a plan, stop right now. This type of preparation almost never works, and it can cause a lot of disappointment. Begin giving up immediately, as opposed to making a fictional timeline for yourself. Take action and you will get to where you want to be.

Many smokers have to attempt numerous times before they are successful at ditching the cigarettes. Once you are determined, you will be ready to try once again, set a day to quit in the very near future.

Even doing something relaxing like taking a hot bath or a light treat

Is a much better way to handle anxiety and stress than smoking cigarettes. Doing these things will help you to quit, while still keeping your tension level in check. Choose a date to stop and stick to it. Make a big deal about this time. Write it on your schedule, even consider having some sort of celebration to mark the date.

You should install this day in your head so you can use it as a gateway to stay with it for the long run. If you are trying to quit smoking with a patch or antidepressant, then you have to be careful. When you start taking in these medications, you are in turn putting yourself at risk. Establishing a new unsafe dependency, so please keep that in mind.

A Lot Of Cigarette Smokers Have Triggers

Meaning things that you do that activate and creates the sudden desire for a cigarette. Such as feeling worried or tense, after eating a meal, or just being at a particular place for example. Avoid these triggers if you can when you are trying to quit. Come up with some alternative ways to distract you from the urge to smoke. 

If you can’t break away from triggers try a simple nicotine alternative device, as you have just read here. There are some ways that could help improve your odds of becoming a non-smoker.

Quitting cigarettes bring you health and joy and improve your lifespan. Thank your family for using the money you are saving to do something special for them. They stuck with you through thick and thin, so they deserve it!

Remember studies show that over ninety percent of people who try to quit cigarette smoking without some assistance end up relapsing.

Improve your chances of effectively quitting by discussing your plan to stop with supportive friends and family.

Give up smoking to make workouts less complicated. When you commit to quitting, give your house, automobile and any other personal space a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Quitting tobacco is two words that mean losing something, making it a mourning process.

Stop Smoking Successfully With Hypnotherapy



If you are looking for a new way to quit smoking because you have failed in the past, you’re not alone , millions of people who successfully quit have been right where you are.

Quitting smoking is something that many people will have to learn through an approach that includes a lot of trial and error. There are many different methods that you can use to quit smoking, so you should never feel discouraged.

If there is one way that may not work for you, it will never mean that it is not going to work the next time, nor should it mean that another method is going to work immediately.

One way that has been proven to help smokers turn into non-smokers is through hypnosis to help quit the smoking habit. You do have the ability to quit by way of hypnosis, and when you quit smoking this way, you will very rarely encounter any side effects that commonly come with stopping.

Hypnosis is a tool of the mind, diving deep into your mind to help you change up perceptions.

You simply have to understand that this is a tool that you can keep around should there be any need.

The process of hypnotism is something that has been around for centuries. We live in an age when all of the experiences of the last several hundred years are there to help you quit smoking with hypnosis.

Over the last 30 years or so, the major advances in hypnotic influence have worked to increase the effectiveness of using a stop smoking hypnotherapist and stop smoking hypnotist.

Both a hypnotherapist and hypnotist that work to specialize in quit smoking measures can use these wonderfully advanced techniques to help their patients quit smoking quickly and more efficiently than in the past.

Cigarette smoking is truly something that is bad for your health, which is why you are searching for new ways to quit smoking. The chances are also good that you have been trying many different methods for quitting and there are probably a lot of difficulties you have found along the way.

Maybe you have invested in some of the prescription drugs that are available to help to quit smoking, such as Zyban. If you are like the many people who did not like the way that Zyban made them feel, you could get better results from hypnotherapy to quit smoking.


There is nothing that is safer and more natural then using the power of your mind to quit smoking through hypnosis.

When you use hypnosis to quit smoking, you will be able to naturally curb your cravings and teach your thoughts about the responses that cause you to reach for a cigarette.

When you go through hypnotherapy to quit smoking, you will meet with them to help guide you into a trance state that will help you to become more willing and accepting of suggestions. You can then be presented with new ways that you can become a non-smoker.

While using the information that is obtained during a preliminary interview, the hypnotist will be able to work on a new perception of you as a non-smoker. While using your ability to rehearse this new perception mentally, it will quickly become something that is very familiar to you.

The result will be you fully emerging from your hypnosis trance with a new perception. You will have the ability to follow through as a non-smoker and remain smoke-free as you retain your body to respond in a manner mirroring that of a non-smoker. Discover downloadable Self Hypnosis audios and more.

~PLEASE NOTE: The staff at Stop Smoking Now Aids, realizes that the success of quitting through hypnosis is extremely high and have decided to dedicate an entire in depth section discussing options in more detail which is currently underway and should be published in the very near future.


Powerful Ideas To Assist People On How To Give Up Cigarettes

an image of sMOKING Picture of No Smoking - Free

Cigarette smoking is one of the hardest habits to break.

There are quite a few devices/aids available. Such as patches, gum and other prescription medications that can help you kick the habit. But it’s difficult to pick the right one. Ideally, the suggestions in this article will assist you to choose the right path for you to get tobacco free. It’s okay to use nicotine substitutes during the beginning stage of your cigarette smoking cessation program.

Nicotine is very addicting, and the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely undesirable. Nicotine gum,lozenges or vaping mods could help you to avoid feeling short-tempered, moody or irritable and can be the difference between success and failure.

Mention to everybody about wanting to give up cigarette smoking.

Having supportive people around you is beneficial when quitting the habit. To effectively quit smoking cigarettes, have a plan mapped out. Take some time to prepare yourself by writing down the things you will do to help you stop. This may require assistance to help you along, so you don’t falter.

Putting these points in writing makes them concrete, and is much like making an agreement with yourself. This could have a significant impact on your mindset, helping you to stay focused on your journey towards quitting.

Avoid situations that would more than likely cause you to smoke.

For instance, if a bar that you frequent permits smoking, you may want to think about going to a different bar. By staying away from these type of places, you will be much less likely to want to pick up a cigarette in the first place. Commit to giving up. People who have the ability to give up smoking successfully engage fully.

Always have a backup plan;

They make use of quitting devices/aids, and they don’t tell themselves that they will fail. If you make this type of dedication, you will dramatically increase your potential of successfully fulfilling your goal.

When you choose to quit cigarette smoking

Discard all of your ashtrays, lighters, empty packs, and any other smoking paraphernalia. Keeping these items around can cause you to relapse during vulnerable moments. Eliminating these items from your surroundings will make it easier for you to see yourself as a non-smoker. To stay inspired to quit cigarettes completely, use the money you save to reward yourself.

Figure out how much money you will save by quitting ahead of time, and put the money you would normally spend on cigarettes in a separate spot. Every time you reach a small goal, uses that money to reward yourself with something nice.

Limit the number of cigarettes you smoke every day.

Unless there is a health factor for you to quit smoking immediately, giving up tobacco is easier when you do it in stages. Reduce the number of cigarettes initially and leaving will be less of a shock to your physical body.

Remember that the hardest part of quitting is often those initial few days.

Mentally prepare yourself to hang tight for the first couple of days. As well as the first week and you will likely be in good shape afterward. Your physical body will be doing an enormous amount of cleansing in those first few days, and if you could make it through that phase, you can make it with anything.

This article will help you to find out exactly what your smoking triggers are.

For some it could be the very first early morning cigarette, or the need to smoke after a meal, just to name a few. Do not worry if you have a relapse. It’s not unusual for a smoker to attempt several times before they are successful.

Always think about just what made you relapse, and try to stay away from those situations in the future. Pick a new day to give up, prepare yourself, to stick with it.

an image of sMOKING smoking rooster by Timdev

When you are attempting to give up smoking, do not try to do it overnight.

Nicotine obsession is powerful and may take you some time to wean yourself off of it. You are much more likely to relapse if you quit cold turkey, so take it slow and get it right the very first time.

Avoid weight loss programs when trying to stop smoking. Many people diet at the same time while giving up smoking so they can avoid the inevitable weight gain. Doing both at the same time can be much too overwhelming.

Whenever you feel that you’re losing your willpower and are going to give into the craving to smoke. Make a phone call to a person in your support group. The time spent talking to them will help to make the desired pass.

Smoking cigarettes is among the most difficult habits to break.

While there are many options available today, it can be hard to find the very best way for you to stop smoking. Use the helpful suggestions in this short article to help you give up that horrible habit and remain off cigarettes forever. Individuals who are able to efficiently quit smoking cigarettes commit themselves fully.

When you are trying to quit smoking, do not try to do it overnight. Avoid diet programs when attempting to quit smoking. When you want to stop smoking, you need to be careful in regards to your health. While there are many options out there, it may be difficult to find the best way for you.

Effective Ideas To Help You Kick The Habit

Quit Once And For All With These Effective Ideas To Stop Smoking Cigarettes
an image of cigarette in black and white winter scene

This post has some great ideas to help you on your way if you are ready to stop cigarette smoking.

You can enjoy health, wellness and happiness without nicotine in your life. Keep reading for some helpful tips and pointers.

 By quitting you are helping your physical body make a healthier transformation that will then cause a healthier happier you!

To stop smoking cigarettes, you will need to discover the best way of exactly how you could stop.

Create this decision in your life to meet demands, to stop efficiently. Everyone has different methods of reaching their goals. It’s important that you determine the way that works best for you. That’s the objective of making the best decision.

Smoking cessation is one of the few times when it is best to wait; quitting techniques are typically reliable methods. If it doesn’t work right away, then just keep repeating this procedure over and over to meet your goal.

Giving up cigarette smoking to make physical exercise less complicated. When you quit, your lung capability will enhance greatly, making that daily exercise goal an easier one to obtain.

Avoid places that you would be more prone to smoke.

For instance, if a bar that you frequent allows smoking right outside their door, you may want to think of visiting a different bar. By staying away from these type of situations, you will be much less likely to want to have a cigarette in the first place. Seeing an image of a smoker’s lungs may be all you need to give up smoking.

When an individual smokes, their lungs turn black after a while, and they could end up with lung cancer. As extreme as it may appear, looking at the picture may set off a signal in your brain to stop.

If you wish to quit smoking cigarettes, just do it.

Giving up tobacco are two words that indicate losing something, making it a mourning process. Take the time to think about the ways quitting smoking cigarettes will improve your life.

It’s imperative if you currently have significant health and wellness problems; smoking cigarettes could make it worse, like bronchial asthma or diabetic issues. If your family has a stand for cancer, then it should be wise to you to recognize that stopping now might save your life.

Thinking about all the benefits you’ll receive when you give up cigarette smoking

The benefits alone may offer you the motivation you require. You will be able to save money, you will feel much healthier, you won’t smell like cigarettes, and you will live a longer life. If you have children, put into consideration how they feel as well.
Do not assume that a nicotine prescription needs to have nicotine in it.

While it holds true that you can find an alternative source of nicotine and reduce your strength level.

You might try a prescription medicine that blocks the desire for nicotine. Consult your doctor regarding a medication that could eliminate your cravings. As soon as you decide to quit smoking cigarettes, get rid of all the signs that you ever smoked. The last thing you want is the smell of cigarettes that could tempt you back into the habit.

Put the negatives of your cigarette smoking habit into numbers.

For example, identify how much you typically smoke, how many cigarettes you smoke a day. As well as how much it costs you to smoke that much on a day-to-day, monthly and yearly basis. Every time you cut down a little, you’ll know just how much you have saved.

Consider how great you felt before you started smoking, how healthy, balanced, and active you were as a smoke-free kid. Think about the foods you loved, the smells you loved. This will help you to remember how fit you were, and will provide you more incentive to stop smoking cigarettes.

If you are expecting a child

Now this is a serious motivation to quit cigarettes. Research shows women that smoke while carrying a child, primarily in the very first trimester, will cause the baby to have a lessened body weight. Smoking will then affect their health, potentially throughout childhood.

Look, there are loads of things that you can do to help yourself. As you start to follow through on the ideas you just checked out, you will see an enhancement of your health and your confidence. You can find satisfaction in the enjoyments of life without depending on smoking to assist you.

To stop smoking cigarettes, you will need to discover the best way of exactly how you could stop.

Quit smoking to make workouts simpler. Giving up cigarettes are two words that mean losing something, making it a mourning process. Consider all the benefits you will get when you quit smoking cigarettes, could offer you the motivation you need.

To make quitting smoking cigarettes appear even more straightforward, put the negatives of your smoking habit into numbers.

Looking for Helpful Information On Quitting Your Nicotine Habit?

Quitting tobacco for good is a serious desire for many smokers.

Something that smokers attempt to do but usually fall short time and time again. Read on if this is you and you’ve had a hard time in the past with putting them down for good. The next few paragraphs have proven factors from those that have succeeded.

Discover different approaches to eliminating this habit without major withdrawals. These aids located throughout our web-pages. This information will assist you via the initial phases of withdrawal and help your desire to give up tobacco.

When you feel like having a cigarette, try and stop the feeling with some other countermeasure

Such as brushing your teeth. Delay having one for ten minutes or longer if you can and use your time wisely. After the ten minutes is up, you may find that your craving has passed. If you still feel the urge, repeat the process! Do this often and wait five minutes or longer ,do this each time before your nicotine craving begins.

Try to avoid alcohol if you’re trying to give up smoking cigarettes.

Look at stopping as having no choice. Stopping is where you need to start. This way may seem difficult in the beginning, but It has been confirmed to be extremely useful in many cases. Instead of trying to make a plan, just give it up today cold turkey. It most certainly can be done but people with a big amount of will.

All by simply telling them enough’s enough. Stop smoking right away, rather than trying to produce a fictional timeline for yourself. Relapsing is very common, people have to try many times before they are successful.

Once you realize it, prepare to give it another go once more

Set a day to give it up shortly. Make a list of healthy and balanced things you can do to relieve disappointment, anxiety or stress. For many people, smoking cigarettes is a way to reduce stress. Your list could assist you in a much healthier way of managing negative feelings.

To make sure that you will not be as drawn to smoke when you’re having a bad day. Choose a day to stop and stick to it. Make a big deal out of this day.

Write it down on your schedule, even take into consideration having some form of event to mark the day for you.

You should infuse this day in your head– the relevance of it so you can use it as a target to stay on track for the long term.
You may have noticed that you reach for a cig gets worse in times of stress. Find a new way of dealing with everyday tension, if you are someone that has difficulty dealing with trying feelings. Meditation, exercise, as well as deep breathing strategies, are all an excellent means to help alleviate tension and remain smoke-free.

Make a rule and stick to it which states why you’re quitting.

Repeat as necessary when you feel a craving starting. Meditation and exercise help you take your mind off of smoking, and you will concentrate on other essential areas in your life. Think like a child attempting to walk. Do not give just up completely even if you find it too difficult to cope with for the long term.

If a need gives up for an hour at first. When you can, quit for a day then try to stop for a week and then a month. Only make every stopping effort last much longer than the last, building on your success. In time, you will indeed target a big number and never get around to starting back up.

When you first quit, try to understand what obstacles you may be dealing with during this battle. Many people who fall short of stopping will certainly be doing this within a couple of months of ever giving up. When you are tired or nervous, is when the unexpected urge to smoke occurs.

Be wary of what activates you personally.

Make sure your friends recognize that you are determined to stop. For many folks, you could be lured to smoke if your friends or a spouse light up in front of you. If you speak with your friends and loved ones regarding your need to stop. They could help you rather than accidentally encouraging you to start again or even have one unneeded puff.

Have regular celebrations when you stop smoking cigarettes.

After you go two weeks without smoking, treat yourself to something nice. Go out to eat at a restaurant or some other significant reward as soon as you go a month. When you go six months, buy something that you have been wanting.

As soon as you go a whole year without smoking, have a party of your own. Invite all your family and friends to commemorate this milestone. These little celebrations help you and ensure that you can take pleasure in a healthier life.

Now that you are starting to get a handle of this article, continue to read the insights and concepts shared here and by others.

They are those who once smoked, much like you do now. But do not SMOKE any longer, like you hope to be. Follow the suggestions in the pages on this site, and you will quickly find yourself closer to success. These aids will certainly assist you through the initial phases of withdrawal. Making your plan to give up smoking cigarettes easier.

Always remember once you commit to quitting, Do not give up! This is something that you must achieve. Most people who end up failing will do so within a few months of first stopping. So once you reach that milestone, you’re home free.

Strategies That Work

Exceptional Ways And Methods To Help You Give Up Tobacco.

Many smokers would like to quit smoking but find it difficult making a plan or going it alone. Review the tips in this article and see how you can start quitting smoking cigarettes sooner than later.

Put these tips and ideas to your advantage to stop cigarette smoking permanently.

When you are trying to give up tobacco, write a list of all of the reasons, you would like to stop smoking. Bring this list with you wherever you go. The best times to have the list with you is the places you most frequently smoked.

If you see yourself reaching for your pack of cigarettes, take out the list and read it, as a distraction, and review again why you would like to break the habit.

If you smoke as a way to deal with stress

You’ll need to find other anxiety releasing methods all set when you make a decision to stop. Stay away from situations that may stress you out for the first couple of weeks after you’ve given up. You could always manage your tension by not thinking about it and just relax or by getting a massage. If you are determined to stop smoking cigarettes, tell all of your friends and family. Not only will this help you to develop a great support system, but it will also motivate you to stick to your goal. You may even influence and inspire one of your loved ones to quit with you.

Quit smoking cigarettes and plan on going for as long as you can without starting back up.

Stop for longer duration’s and periods of time. You will find that you will end up being much better at stopping, to inevitably stop altogether. Having support from loved ones and friends will go a long way in helping you to quit.

It’s crucial to remind them that getting over an addiction could create mood swings and cause one to be impatient. It will make relapsing that much easier so stay clear of individuals who are a negative impact. Do all you can to get rid of the smoke odor in your house. You will not want to look at or smell the things that remind you of smoking.

Make sure to clean your house thoroughly when you give up smoking.

Wash and launder everything in your house, which includes carpeting, drapery, linens, clothes. As well as wall surfaces and any other surface covering. This “cleansing process” will make your house smell clean and fresh.

Just the absence of the smell of the cigarettes will help you of being reminded of the behavior that has tormented your life. When attempting to stop smoking cigarettes, avoid diet plans. Many people try to diet at the same time so they can prevent any extra weight gain. In doing so, they’re depriving their bodies of too much and may wind up relapsing.

Whenever you feel that you’re losing your inspiration

If you’re going to give in to the urge to smoke, make a phone call to a person in your support group. If you are trying to quit cigarette smoking, make sure to clean your house thoroughly. Gather up all the ashtrays from both inside and outside the house and discard your lighters as well.

Wash your drapes, furniture, floors, carpets, etc., as well as your clothes to get rid of any lingering smoke smell. See to it you use air fresheners to mask any smell that may remain. You would want to remove any odor that will remind you of smoking cigarettes.


Consisting of natural solutions as we mentioned above, such as hypnosis and acupuncture therapy.

Do not overlook alternate ways to quit smoking. Make sure that you choose a professional who’s certified by the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. For help after you quit smoking cigarettes, you should also have smoking alternatives around to help you out if it gets to be too much. All these products can help when dealing with cravings.

A little known and  sometimes reliable technique for helping you to stop cigarette smoking is low-level laser device treatment. It works by the same principles as acupuncture but does not use needles. It works by relaxing and releasing the endorphins in your body.

These endorphins are natural compounds that could combat discomfort

Commonly having similar impacts to just how nicotine helps you unwind. You must be both active and confident in your ability to give up smoking thanks to the tips you have read right here. Use the pointers given below to once and for all quit cigarette smoking to relish in a healthy and balanced life.

When you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, write a list of all of the reasons why you want to quit.

To keep yourself encouraged to stop smoking, be clear regarding why you wish to give up. You will find that you will become better at stopping, and inevitably you will leave entirely. Having the support from friends and family members can go a long way in helping you to quit smoking. For help, you should have alternative products around that can be beneficial in combating any cravings.

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You Can Quit Smoking Today, Don’t Say Tomorrow Is The Day

an image of older distinquished man smoking a cigarette

Cigarette smoking, It is a topic that a lot of individuals have difficulties quitting. Even with its negative stigma and unfavorable effects, so many people still smoke.

Review all of the recommendations in this write-up and quit cigarette smoking if you want to kick your cigarette smoking behavior for good.

Take up physical exercise to help you quit smoking cigarettes. When you’re around healthy people, it might just make you want to stay healthy and balanced also.

When you are first attempting to give up smoking

Try to prevent going to places that you usually connect it. This may suggest staying away from your favorite bar or the smoking area at the workplace, etc. Keeping away from these places also means staying away from the lure, which can be an immediate step to take when you are first attempting to quit.

Speak with a medical professional if you are trying to stop smoking

These days there are different medicines that could help to relieve your efforts to stop cigarette smoking. Your physician might have other resources on hand.  Such as a support system and toll-free hotlines where you could talk about your struggle.

If you intend to quit smoking, you need to find reasons

This will help motivate you to stop. Here are some reasons to name a few, protecting against lung cancer, dental caries, gum disease, emphysema, as well as your family are huge incentives.

Taking care of your physical body now and in the future is a gift of life and can be an effective, inspiring force.

Whatever reason(s) you select, it needs to be important enough to stop you from lighting up again in the future. It’s okay to use a nicotine substitute throughout the beginning stage of your cigarette smoking cessation program.

Nicotine is highly addicting, and the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely undesirable. Nicotine vaping, gum or lozenges can stop you from feeling short-tempered, irritable and cranky.

When you are trying to stop cigarette smoking, make sure that you are drinking lots of water.

Not only is water good for you, but it fills the need to have something in your mouth. Significant amounts of water help to clear out nicotine and other chemicals in your body created by cigarettes.

Looking at a picture of a smoker’s lungs may be all you need to give up smoking. When an individual smokes, their lungs turn black after a while, and they could end up with lung cancer. As extreme as it might sound, seeing the picture may trigger a signal in your brain to quit.

If you really want to stop smoking, Think now, not tomorrow.

Think of all the benefits you will get when you stop smoking may give you the motivation and push you to need. You will be able to save money, you will feel healthier, you will not smell like cigarettes, and you will indeed live a longer life.

If you have children, think of how they feel about you smoking and what an incentive it would be to give up smoking for them. Many smokers have to try sometimes before they are successful at putting down the cigarettes for good. Once you are determined, you are all set to work once again, established a day to quit in the very near future.

Make smoking cigarettes as inconvenient as you can.

Wait until you have finished a pack before getting another one. You should also avoid buying cartons of cigarettes at a time.

If you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant, then use these tips as a huge inspiration to stop smoking cigarettes.

Statistics shows women that smoke while pregnant, especially in the initial trimester, could cause the baby to have a lessened physical body weight. This will then affect their health and wellness, potentially throughout childhood. Don’t give up if your initial effort to give up smoking cigarettes falls short.

Most people attempt many times before they are successful in giving up. Having something in your mouth is a need of your dependency, discover alternate methods of keeping your mouth occupied. Many people find hard candy or gum to be useful and need to have it with them constantly. Electronic cigarettes are also a great replacement to help you quit.

Just before you try to stop cigarette smoking

figure out exactly why you want to quit. If you recognize all reasons why you’re leaving, then any active technique you make use of will more reliable. To give up smoking cigarettes, you may want to consider hypnotherapy. During a session, the specialist will place you into a relaxing, dreamlike state of mind and tell you not to smoke.

Also, she or he may repeat particular sessions for you to stop to make sure that you have this in your head when you get up. As you read through our pages, you hopefully learned a few ways regarding what things you can do in your everyday life to stop smoking cigarettes. Continue reading and discover many other methods and options available.

Try to stay away from places that you associate with cigarette smoking. If you desire to quit smoking cigarettes, you need to recognize elements that will motivate you to stop. When you are trying to quit tobacco, be sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Thinking of all the benefits you will receive when you give up cigarette smoking could offer you the motivation you need. Before you try to quit smoking cigarettes, figure out exactly why you want to stop.

Discover the 15 Easy Ways To Quit Smoking

Maintain Health While Quitting

Believe It Or Not, You Can Maintain Your Health… As Well As Giving Up Smoking

Before quitting your nicotine habit for good, be sure to take the time to make a concrete plan of action. A plan will be needed to approach this high addictive behavior, as well as a lot of discipline. As mentioned, write down a list of things that you can do rather than grabbing that cigarette. The plan can consist of going for a walk, calling a friend, making a fresh fruit power drink that will keep your mind occupied.

When you are trying to quit smoking, make a list of all the reasons why you would like to stop smoking.

Carry that list with you at all times, particularly at the times and places that you would usually light up a cigarette. Whenever you catch yourself reaching for your pack of smokes, take out the list, and read again for motivation.

an image of sMOKING i L.O.V.E. smoking by

If you smoke as a way to handle stress, you’ll want to have different types of therapy techniques

When you make up your mind to quit. Keep yourself from situations that may pressure you in the first few weeks after you have stopped.

You could help yourself along by joining a gym or implementing your workout routine at home. Make use of the time you would usually spend smoking cigarettes with working out to help get your health back in order.

Exercise is a proven stress-reliever, and when quitting smoking cigarettes. You will need all the anxiety-reducing methods at your fingertips! Begin gradually by taking walks around your neighborhood. Don’t workout without consulting your doctor concerning what are suitable and safe exercises for you.

Try to drink a lot of fruit juice when you first quit smoking cigarettes.

The fruit juice will help clean your body of all the nicotine that is lingering throughout. The natural juice will help you to resist the urges that you are bound to get if you do not do this form of body cleanse.

If you are concerned about gaining weight when giving up cigarette smoking.

You should incorporate a moderate physical exercise program. Make it your daily routine to help reduce any weight that you may put on during this time. Exercise is the most effective means to prevent any weight gain from your giving up.

If you want to give up smoking, you have to recognize all the reasons that will encourage you to stop:

Preventing Lung Cancer
Dental Caries
Gum Disease
Family members who desperately want you to quit, etc. Changing your physical body to get healthy is a highly efficient and encouraging force. Whatever reasons you decide on, it has to be enough to stop you from lighting up again in the future.

Be sure that you are drinking plenty of water when you are trying to quit.

Not only is water good for you but it also meets the need to have something in your mouth. Also, large quantities of water help to get rid of nicotine and various other chemicals in your body caused by cigarettes. The most efficient way you can begin your totally free cigarette lifestyle is to stop directly smoking.

Prevention is the best method to start your journey. Don’t ever give up. This process may be difficult. However, the advantages are remarkable. It’s the most reliable method of all time!

Take the time to think about how giving up smoking will improve your life.

This is so important especially if you currently have severe health disorders. Inhaling tobacco could only intensify and make things worse, like asthma or diabetes. If your family has history of cancer, then stopping now can, in fact, save your life.

Rather than trying to create a plan, why not quit today. Give it up right now, instead of trying to make an imaginary timeline that you could have trouble following.

You have to be dedicated and understand every stage of the quitting process.

That means setting a firm date for which you want to be done with cigarette smoking completely. Take the time to figure out smaller goals like when you intend to cut back more, or what you will do to follow through. When trying to give up smoking cigarettes, establish a goal.

Tell yourself that you intend to quit by a certain day and that if you are successful

You will reward yourself with something you have wanted for a while. You could use the money you saved by, not smoking to treat yourself! The money will give you the motivation you need.

If you have a loved one or a close friend that is trying to quit smoking.

If you would like to help them, then you need to give them your support, patience, and love. This is the best way to help them out. If you try to pressure them, you may make it harder for them to give up over time.

You can change your cigarette smoking habit with other behaviors instead. If you smoke when you are stressed out, think about how you can diffuse the negative electricity instead.

It should be easy to see by now that giving up smoking cigarettes is within your reach.

You just need to make the decision, see it through, and success can be yours. Remember that there are many, many benefits to giving it up, so begin today by using these tips.

When you are trying to quit smoking, make a list of all of the reasons why you want to leave.

If you want to give up tobacco, you need to discover things and ways that will inspire you to stop. When you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, make sure that you are drinking lots of water. When trying to give up smoking, establish a goal.

If you have a friend, that is trying to stop tobacco, to help them you need to give them your support, love, and understanding.

15 Easy Proven Ways To Quit Smoking

Congratulations On Your Wise Decision!

15 self tips to quit smoking pdf image

Welcome To 15 Amazing Self-help Tips To Quit Smoking for 2021

an image of quitting smoking Cigarette butt

An up to date guide on how to end your horrible smoking habit… not lose literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime and add at least 12 years to your life.

1) Why Do You Need To Quit

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Some would say that’s a pretty silly question. However, more people fail to quit because they only don’t know why they’re doing it. To be more specific, you can’t just say I’m going to quit for a reason like it’s your 2016 New Year’s resolution.

There is a very profound statement that has been shared for decades by an ex-survivor of a Nazi prison camp that rings true to anyone needing motivation. As quoted “If you can find a big enough WHY, you’ll discover the HOW”.

an image of prisoner%20of%20war American prisoners captured in

“American prisoners captured in American prisoners captured in”

In this persons case it was his family that made him endure the pain of living in that detriment. He swore that he would never break because his reason WHY to survive was much more powerful than his reason to let go. He knew that if he allowed himself to fall victim to their torture he would never see his family again.

He learned how to cope and adapted because his personal WHY meant everything.

This is true for any achievement in life, so if we analyze WHY quitting isn’t an option but a non-negotiable necessity. Your personal WHY will give you the strength for your HOW. So look at just a few basic reasons WHY you personally need to quit smoking, (your health, 2nd hand smoke, expense, etc.).

You will see there are tons more reasons for you to quit now. Not only for yourself, but the people around you that you care about as well. Your HOW can be supplied and successfully completed with the use of our 15 powerful easy ways in this help guide.

Quitting Smoking is a Journey

“like any destination even thousands of miles away we get closer and closer with each and every step.”

2) Never Try To Quit Smoking On Your Own

Just like you never want to lift weights by yourself without a spotter or a personal trainer…it’s Best to tell as many people as possible. In fact, the more declaration you do when committing to quitting the better. If you can spread the word to enough people, not only will they help you along the way, but it can guilt you into that extra motivation.

Some of the most difficult times to quit is not making it known too well.

Therefore, if you happen to stumble or think one little puff won’t hurt, etc. It makes it extra difficult to quit. It’s just like raising a child without any discipline or a country without some governing body of authority. Without control and power, you get complete anarchy! If you don’t have anyone to answer to for your misactions…then you can get away with it and eventually fall right back.

So having someone or several with you in the fight against this nasty smoking habit will help you achieve your goals.

You can also get supportive advice and encouragement from your friends. An incentive for you knowing that you don’t have to go it alone can be the extra push needed.

As noted and quoted by the great Thomas Edison -, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”.

3) How to deal with the stress without a smoke

an image of stress Hair pulling stress.jpg

One of the most common reasons people run to a cigarette is when they get stressed out. We covered this before, something arises that disturbs their day. We have a tendency to think that smoke will calm us down, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. When smoke enters the body, it induces stress by raising the heart rate and blood pressure.

Smoking also causes the muscles to get tense and constricts the blood vessels

Reducing the amount of oxygen intake to the brain. One of the biggest factors is you’re creating forced stress physically yet mentally the smoker thinks it reduces it. The bottom line is even with smoke whatever caused the stress isn’t just going to go away. So it’s a false sense of relief regardless of the approach to resolve. So smoking and stress do go together, just not the way you originally thought.

So how can we handle stress without running for a smoke?

It’s much easier than you think, the best way is to allow yourself some time to be alone and to evaluate your situation in a calm, quiet place with no distractions. Of course, there are many other ways to manage stress by proper nutrition and quality sleep, but these are obvious alternatives. Stress should be analyzed in a very simple way…when a problem arises you have two choices, you can get upset and cry and worry, or you can choose to troubleshoot your problem and try to find that best alternative to the problem.

The option is a no-brainer

Whether you achieve to solve the problem or not you’re in a much better place both mentally and physically. Plus avoiding further conflict with self-induced fears and panic. Obviously, the choice is yours but to smoke a cigarette isn’t going to help no matter what the problem.

4) The Proper Diet and Nutrition Can Really Help To Stop Smoking

Believe it or not, proper nutrition and diet can be one of the best things you can do to help quit.

Foods, in general, can act as smoking triggers like after eating a meal or especially your morning coffee. So avoiding your personal favorites can have a lasting effect. It’s also a known fact that citrus can make a smoker crave a drag like orange juice

an image of orabge%20juice mandarin orange juice

 Some options for folks in the beginning stages of quitting is switching from coffee to herbal tea. Perhaps after every meal instead of reaching for that go to “after lunch smoke” immediately brush your teeth. These simple changes in your typical eating behavior can achieve impressive results.

Your taste buds will thank you for quitting;

Doing this has a direct effect on the amount of oxygen in the brain which suppresses .Your taste and dulls your flavor recognition making things not feel as good as they could. When a smoker quits they immediately start to gain the authentic flavors. Things will automatically taste and smell better than when they smoked. This is another significant bonus that most people don’t realize when they choose to quit for good.

Another question is what about your appetite after quitting

“Am I going to get like a fat whale if I stop smoking cigarettes?”  The effects on the brain when smoking does suppress the appetite and the central nervous system. Which is caused by the nicotine…which is proven NOT to be harmful to your health. It’s the other things like tar, carcinogens, and carbon monoxide that cause all the smoking health issues like lung cancer, etc. A good healthy diet and fruits while not smoking can eventually adjust your appetite and food intake.

5) Is Cold Turkey The Way To Go?

an image of cold%20turkey File:ColdTurkey.JPG

This is probably a trick question, but the simple answer is ANY way that you can quit is a good way. That being said let’s take a moment to get REAL about things, to quit “cold turkey can most definitely be done.

However, it’s not for everyone and can be tough to attempt without some support.

A lot of information sites will tell you not to try the cold turkey method, simply because the success ratio is so low. More importantly, the likelihood that someone trying to quit this way will probably have more chances of failing than succeeding. So if you’re serious about kicking the smoking habit permanently, it’s a good idea not to put too much additional pressure on yourself.

For the same reasons some people are physically fit because they exercise

Others try and fail with their diet or that new fancy exercise gizmo is because it takes serious dedication and a full commitment to you. As we discussed earlier, your personal “why” needs to be the number one thing to drive your desire and ability to commit to quitting cold turkey. I would strongly recommend that along with your dedication and support (friends, family, etc.) you stop supplementing some of the reasons for grabbing a smoke.

You should start by a solid commitment day first

In preparation for this there can be a ceremonial destruction of any existing cigarettes, ash trays lighters, etc. This will help with your commitment both mentally and not having as a temptation will also assist you on this amazing journey.

6) Do nicotine patches and pills really work?

Personally, this is a very controversial topic and one that can have many different answers. The burden of proof is the thing that quite honestly is hard to prove. Some say that these pills are nothing more than a placebo effect. Others make medical claims that sometimes end up in class action lawsuits.

You know what I mean, in the morning you see an infomercial about how great this new pill is to stop smoking. Then later in the  night you see a commercial with some lawyer with a class action lawsuit. That doesn’t sit too well with me on being confident about the use of a product. More importantly, just the possibility of having any medical issue using these products should sway anyone.

There seems to be so many claims from various product companies

 It’s hard to say if they can help folks or not. It’s just like the previous cold turkey method…some can stop and some can’t when using these supplemental patches and pills? From a linear perspective, the patch and the pills may compensate for the actual nicotine intake to the body. Which is a thousand times better than the direct tobacco smoke intake route.

However, that’s only half the battle for a smoker because the other “essential” part of a smokers habit “the physical smoking sensation”. When they are using their hands and inhaling isn’t being addressed at all.


7) Is there a more natural way to quit

When asked this question it’s difficult to answer because there are so many “natural ways” to stop smoking. Some of these more natural methods have been previously discussed, and some new natural ways will be addressed in the pages to follow.

Some folks ask this question with the thoughts of a natural product as a supplement, like an alternative plant and some earth-born magical root that will make you quit smoking with no repercussions or side effects.

Well, I wish that were true…and perhaps there are such things available. But you have two of the biggest industries fighting tooth and nail never to let you know about them and if they are in existence. You probably already guessed them, but if you haven’t its Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.

Combined you are talking several multiple billions of dollars in these industries. One company makes billions poisoning the people, and the other makes billions trying to save you from the poison.Seems like a pretty shady operation they’re running from an outside perspective. So it’s no wonder why a natural supplement that can be personally grown isn’t readily available or even known for that matter.

Of course, this same argument can be said about cures to all the world’s ailments as well.

Let’s say there was a fundamental discovery to cure all cancers with some single $2.00 plant that can be purchased anywhere and easily used. Wouldn’t that make a tremendous amount of industries both medical and none (lawyers, supply company’s, etc.)…lose billions and billions of dollars? So this is more than likely the reason than discovering a natural cure. However, we’ll never really know the truth. It’s a real shame that big industry controls the people and manipulates for personal gain, but the facts remain and won’t be changing anytime soon.

8) The mind is more powerful than you think!

an image of brain In the cerebrum, organic

We’ve all heard the term the mind is a terrible thing to waste, well it’s also much stronger than you can imagine.

It’s true your mind can do things you could never conceive and quitting smoking is probably one of the easiest. If you think about it for a second, the only reason you even acquire the desire for smoke is that your mind tells you to. Now you can’t go and blame your thoughts for causing you to smoke, or can you? In actuality, your mind began to start analyzing the feeling from your very first puff and slowly adapts to what is now your norm.

So we convince our minds that we need to smoke, and it just obeys

This is the reason that you only smoke during certain times and events, etc. For example, most people don’t smoke in their sleep. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. In fact, most people put away their cigarettes when preparing to go to bed even if they’re watching tv for hours. Perhaps it’s because it can disturb your loved one or the possibility of burning your mattress cause’s it.

However if you break away from that mental comfort zone. 

Like go on your computer or grab a midnight snack, and chances are you’ll be having that smoke after your regular smoking hours. So if you can handle not smoking for the amount of time you sleep, why can’t you just extend that time mentally from an extra hour longer to an extra day, month, year or forever! You see you can, you just have to convince your mind to start thinking that way the same way you told it to start smoking in the first place.


42 Benefits And Reasons NOT to Smoke Cigarettes

Here’s a list of the things to take advantage from when you stop smoking:

I can’t think of one single real reason or benefit to smoke. Of course, these things are never thought of when first taking up smoking in the first place. More than likely it was to try to be cool as a kid or perhaps your friends did, and you joined in.

The reasons we start are almost always just plain stupid regardless of how and why. The important thing to know is that you just can’t keep going on with the same old habits as when you were younger. If by chance you are young and discovered this site with the purpose of not continuing, you will benefit from this information.

If you haven’t realized over the years of exactly what you’re missing about by continuing to smoke

Below is just a small sample of the benefits and enjoyments you will receive when you do quit for good. These results are from an actual 30-year smoker who has recently quit and voluntarily supplied this information to help those on the fence
~good luck

* Overall health
* Heart rate — lower blood pressure
* Breathe better — you can take deep breathes without air flow restrictions or the feeling of pain and air bubbles in my chest.
* Less joint pain — more limber
* Longer endurance level/energy — running, walking, working out
* No more smokers cough or frogs in my throat
* Hair on my head doesn’t turn gray as quickly
* Fingernails are clean and clear
* No yellowing of fingers
* Facial skin clearer and glowing — Hydrated skin — Less wrinkles
* Hair shinier
* Whiter teeth — healthier gums
* Fresher breath
* No more burning nose/teary eyes
* Mouth does not dry out as quickly as it use to
* No smell — hair and clothes
* No smell in house, car or other areas
* No embarrassment or shame
* Money savings HUGE
* Save money on gasoline, not having to drive to the store all the time
* No dependency/crutch
* Pollution — cleaner air and no throwing ciggs on the ground when nowhere to dispose them
* No dirty ashtrays laying around
* Sharper thinking
* Sharper vision
* Clearer urine
* Menstrual cycle not as bad — pre menopause/menopause included
* Cheaper health/life insurance policy
* Adds years to lifespan
* Stop nervous reactions — hands shaking/twitching for example
* Heal quicker
* Medical purposes — if having operation, no need to quit for 3 days prior due to anesthesia
*Not being a minority — going outside to smoke at work, restaurant, etc.
* Fire risk
* Burnt holes in clothes
* Smoke in house making walls and draperies stained
* Driving hazard
* Smoking in car while raining
* Kissing
* Food tastes better
* Sleep better
* Improved circulation

The Remaining Easy Ways To Quit Smoking

We’ve outlined the 15 best and most proven ways to help you quit the easy way, or should we say more natural? As discussed in all the above overview insight it really depends on you in more ways than one.

Meaning your ability to commit and how serious you really are, that being said these methods outlay below will be more than enough for you to end this habit permanently. We’ll start with the first and obvious choice outside of assisted manner methods with the way you think and use your most powerful asset your mind!

Easy Ways One Sure Method

Quitting Smoking is easier than you THINK! All you have to do is change the way you THINK!

tar filled lung vs healthy lung viral meme

This may sound like a big claim to make, the quantity of proof discussed within all these stop smoking tips can be added as testimony to this. The cigarettes routine is not the nicotine practice – it is the psychological addiction routine created by you!

The easy method to quit is to change your beliefs you connect with the habit;

you’ve created. It’s not nearly enough to merely say it’s bad for your health since that is a reasonable reality. The process within itself breeds irrational, psychological attachments, and it is those accessories which you have to perceive in a different way. No current smoker is going to argue that it benefits their health.

However, numerous will declare that if they do try to quit, they will, in turn, receive some stop smoking side effect.

Others claim they will not be able to relax and think a cigarette helps them unwind or calms them down, to be quite honest it’s just a crutch excuse. Do you see the distinction? Cigarette smokers have more irrational beliefs than they think. This adds to the success with the use of stop smoking hypnosis therapy, once again proving that most of the reason for the behavior is in the mind.

Ultimately, if you want an easy way to quit forever altogether, then you need to understand…

that all that is required is the re-wiring of your brain, sounds easy enough right? However it’s mind over matter, in a nutshell, …here’s an example of a similar situation. When I first met my now wife, she had an atrocious O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) And it was reasonably harmless for the most part, but very odd.

She would do strange things like flicking the light switch three times before entering a room and all these quirky habits. As time progressed, the quirks and habits would get worse and grow to different things. You could argue the same with cigarettes starting with just a few to a pack to more, etc.

Seeing that this was just getting progressively worse…

I asked her why do you do these crazy things…her reply was, “I feel if I don’t do them, then something bad will happen”. So other words it was some superstition behavior, rather than a physical or psychological problem. Just like the crazy fear things people do when they’re rooting for their favorite sports team or gambling for example.

So I asked her if you don’t mind me saying why do you think something bad will happen if you don’t do these crazy things…

did an angel come down from the sky and tell you to do stuff? (of course, I was joking with her, but I wanted her to know that she didn’t have any real proof, it was just in her head) I then said…so all this time doing these weird quirky things is all based on your thoughts of POSSIBLY something could go wrong, even though you didn’t have one shred of solid proof!

So I said what if I told you that perhaps you’ve got it backwards

In actuality if you do these quirky things then something bad will happen to you, would you still do them? What if all this time you are doing stuff was doing the opposite and that if you stopped doing them all together…that good things would happen, would that change your way of thinking? At that moment, a light-bulb went on, and she realized that I was right there wasn’t proof either way.

Now she started thinking opposite only in a positive way, the same way she felt compelled to do these crazy things…she now had even more of a reason not to them at all. With the stop smoking cold turkey method…the same concept needs to be applied. Your mind has to reverse the effects and instead of that small tiny positive you initially get from smoking cessation benefits; you have to start thinking of the tons of negatives and evaluate your best overall outcome. Such tricks just maintain your psychological accessory to the routine without the real physical side-effect, but that is not enough.

This suggests lots of self-questioning.

Go to your desk with a notepad and pen and start writing about how you feel about allowing this mental habit to keep you captive, like a prisoner in your mind. Compare cigarettes to a friend or partner, if you will, because that’s the level of emotional attachment most cigarette smokers will certainly feel towards the routine.

Begin to evaluate how you feel and make a list of all the positives, if you continue this habit will ultimately give your life. Attempt to separate yourself and question these “positives”(if you want to call them that). There are millions of people who can testify that they completely quit (yours truly included) in this long-term habit (in some cases we’re talking decades) overnight, and never desired another cigarette once again.

The genuine question then, is HOW DO THEY DO IT?

The answer is simple: if you want to give up this disgusting habit permanently and quickly, then you need to alter your mindset. After years of going through the same nicotine ritual, your brain convinces you and is configured to think that cigarettes and using them are an important part of you. Your mind will be set up to believe it’s an essential part of your life and can’t be without it.

The simple way to stop is to shake up the beliefs you associate with the smoking cessation effects.

As mentioned previously, nobody is going to argue that they’re good for their health. However, lots will claim that it can help them to function…simply because you’ve convinced yourself to think that way. So in making the claim that quitting is easy…is very true, you just need to change the way you think.

Now there are products that can help you through this process by making a healthier supplement to tobacco cigarettes, such as stop smoking patches and gum and those pills, etc. Some folks have shown that nicotine patch benefits their ability to quit, and other haven’t had as much success. There are even reports of natural stop smoking aids, such as certain fruits and supplements to make the process a less overwhelming one. However, all you need is your mind to change your beliefs.

I will say one of the ways to assist the folks, who really want to quit smoking

Like I said in the beginning, to quit smoking is easier than you THINK! You just need to change the way you THINK!

Quitting Cold Turkey Secrets

Stopping “Cold Turkey” The struggle is real…but the benefit is PRICELESS

Are you tired of waking up in the morning hacking and coughing?

Do you feel like cigarettes have you in prison?

Are you sick and tired of spending thousands of dollars to kill yourself slowly?

If your answer is YES…we’ve got the solution to rid tobacco from your life for good! Read below and be strengthened!


  • Did you know that the number of on smoker’s vs. smoker’s has increased worldwide and continuing to grow exponentially daily?
  • Did you know that almost 75% of ex-smokers successfully quit cold turkey?
  • Are you aware that almost everyone who attempts to quit on their fail the first time…and this is considered normal?

 Many people think that quitting smoking via the cold turkey method is one of the most difficult ways. Not necessarily,”Once You Know The Secrets” and I’ll tell you how in this article.

Let me first start by telling you about me – I have been a non-smoker now for two years. Now every time I see someone smoking or the rancid stench of cigarette smoke, I find it hard to believe that was me not long ago. The smell disgusts me, and I can easily tell when someone is a smoker by just being within a few feet of them. I first remember the days when smoking was socially accepted and just about everyone smoked; I remember even seeing my priest with a cigarette and thought nothing of it.

quit-smoking cold turkey assistance no smoking airplane sign

Then slowly things started changing, first it was restaurants and airplanes creatingsmoking sections”, which the smokers complained about as though they were being segregated from society. Then all of the sudden smoking wasn’t allowed in planes and restaurants at all, but we still had the bar/restaurants, so it wasn’t too bad. All smokers knew that drinking and cigs were sorts of a per-requisite and for the longest time it was allowed. Then that dreaded day came for smokers when it was declared that no public buildings at all including bars would allow smoking.

Although it was an inconvenience we adapted by the use of outside tiki bars to smoke

and in the winter big industrial heaters were sprawled about, in fact, they’re still used today. It became the new norm and in reality, little did I know it was helping us not smoke as often as we used to back in the glory days.

Either way, it became quite apparent that the smoker has now become the dominant minority, so society had spoken, and the verdict was out to ban smoking as much as possible. Now most smokers are embarrassed to let others know they’re part of the shunned society and kind of look silly going outside in the middle of the cold winter for a quick puffy. chasing the tobacco dragon you simply look the other way and hope nobody notices you as the social outcast. Not to discount the effects of smoking on the lungs and heart are (pun intended) HEART WRENCHING!

heart with gun to head for heart renching effects of smoking image

You would have thought this was enough for me to quit alone

But it wasn’t and I just continued the same way I’ve been for decades. However, there was one more major factor that ultimately was the magic weapon to quit and that my friends were the ECONOMY! When the recession hit us all as hard as it did, like most people it affected our daily income to the point where money wasn’t just tight it was scarce.

Now if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a smoker, who’s looking to quit, so you know where I’m coming from on the cost factor alone. Imagine that financially it got to a point where you had to decide to either “eat” or “smoke”…yup and if you think about now, it’s downright pathetic! However, that was my reality and to make things even worse, I wasn’t the only one in my household that smoked, so it was double trouble financially. Of course, in the beginning, we did our best to keep both worlds by learning how to budget by being creative and strategic with everything, including cigarettes.

Not Smoking Could Save You Hundreds Of Thousands of $ In A Lifetime

In the good old days, I would only smoke one brand and one only period…no variations what so ever. (I won’t mention the name here to give them free publicity but its big tobacco’s head honcho cig for sure). So, in the beginning, to change names was unheard of, but the retailers were making it hard in the pocket to continue with your favorite brand. So bargain brand butts started coming out and like anything (when you don’t have the choice) you begin to adjust without much of a problem. HINT: this same process was how I eventually quit cold turkey! So if this sounds like a familiar story to yours,

CONGRATS you’re that much closer to stopping now, and you don’t even know it.

quit-smoking skeleton with cigarette in mouth

The reason being it was this adoption which made me realize that I could break away from my lifelong habit, regardless of the strongholds they had on me. I thank God I was able to break away from this and since we can’t do anything about our past…it’s Best to only focus on today and tomorrow! I have no desire to smoke anymore, and there’s no reason why you can’t be like me if you know how.

So there are two most popular ways to quit smoking.

One is to cut down on a gradual reduction or use of a replacement type of medication otherwise called stop smoking aids, like alternative nicotine products such as patches and gums. I chose the “grip and rip its method with the “cold turkey” method.

However, my wife needed assistance if she was going to join me.

If you are craving a cigarette, try deep breathing.

There is so much information to share about this topic it would fill a book.

In fact, we have a ton of information to assist the people who choose to quit. More in-depth review of all the nicotine devices, and it’s uses in our “15 easy ways to quitwhich BTW is free to access. What’s great with these nicotine devices is there are no chemicals added, like tobacco cigarettes, and only the nicotine vapor goes through these devices. Nicotine, in general, isn’t the harmful additive agent in conventional smokes, it is everything else they add.

Plus the fact with normal cigs you have the second-hand smoke to contend with and all the other things this nasty habit brings.

In using a supplemental device not only is it just nicotine being used but the user can slowly wean down their nicotine mg. strength. So for a first-time quilter (like my wife was) you start with the full power at first to not disturb your usual intake.

After a month or so reduce down to a medium level and slowly keep reducing to 0% nicotine. This is what my wife ended up doing and after a few months using the device with NO nicotine at all, she eventually just decided to quit altogether. She broke her addiction with no side effects, cravings or any other problem commonly associated with quitting.

GOOD NEWS for those trying to quit

 I highly recommend giving these electronic cigarettes a try…if you want to stop for good and don’t think you’ve got the willpower on your own. My wife always thought she would never be able to quit, and now she is thrilled with her new healthier outlook on life. Not to mention the thousands of dollars being saved and now no longer being a part of the minority of the social “smoker” outcast.

Using these nicotine replacement devices allows you to quit on your schedule without the unbearable withdrawal symptoms

typically associated and while in the process get the best of both worlds. Because while doing your body better by, not loading it with C/O and the thousands of chemicals, the people around you don’t get bothered. Second-Hand smoke issues also aren’t a problem…

quit-smoking cold turkey crushed pack of cigarettes

and everyone is happy in the end. The quit success rate is astounding using these vaping devices because there is no “temptation” for the smoker to go back to conventional tobacco, and that’s why it works. Here’s an interesting fact, these nicotine products have become so much of an influence on helping those who can’t quit on their own that big tobacco is scared It might put them right out of business.

Seriously, it appears that the old smoke of yesterday is going to get permanently replaced.

The reason I know big “T” is concerned is that all the big tobacco companies (yes I do mean all of them) have started buying up every electronic cigarette small start-up companies. Now just about everything involved in the new nicotine devices is owned by one of the large enterprises. Of course, the public’s knowledge isn’t too aware of this takeover, because big “T” doesn’t want to show their hand. However, they do, and this includes not only the devices but any and all accessories like “liquid nicotine” or e-liquid used for vaporizing, batteries, heating coils…EVERYTHING

That will tell you where the future of tobacco is heading, which is a good thing because originally the e-cig business started in China. At the time, the market the regulations for these products were far and few. The e-liquids were toxic; the batteries were exploding, and small tiny companies were popping up everywhere with less and less quality control and product monitoring.

Now with the big boys running the operation all the goods have to go through rigorous FDA

(Food and Drug Administration) regulations and QC is the top level. The FDA makes the products even better today without worrying about safety issues and knowing the devices are built specifically around reliable quality allows the new users peace of mind. We have a ton of information on all these methods and in-depth reviews on our site, and you can find out which products and tools are best for you.

There are many other different methods, and no single method is right or wrong, it depends on the person. But let me tell you how I quit cold turkey. First let’s discuss “Nicotine” in general and how it affects you when smoking. It’s a good way to sort of reverse engineer the process; that’s what worked for me. So first we must understand how nicotine works.

I’ll start by dispelling some of the smoking myths for you.

Nicotine is not a physically addictive substance. Bear with me – I haven’t smoked for two years by only using the pure mind over matter method. However, I was no expert on the effects of nicotine or any of the tobacco facts, so I had to learn through serious research, which I’m about to share with you all.

I chose Cold Turkey…but I still prefer my turkey “HOT” with a side of gravy 🙂

Nicotine is a very potent addictive agent, actually it’s a parasympathomimetic (say that ten times fast)…it’s from the Solanaceae plant family and is deemed a stimulant drug. It’s made up from the roots of the plants and prominently used as an insecticide for farmer’s tobacco crops. When you smoke it, you are only getting milligrams worth.

It’s initially estimated that (1) tobacco cigarette contained 1mg per unit, but reports have shown that this number is being increased rapidly by 1.76% annually. In other words, the tobacco companies are hedging their bets to keep you addicted more and more. It can give you quite a substantial “hit” especially that first drag in the morning. But it can also play serious tricks on your mind – this is nicotine’s seduction stronghold.

When you give up smoking without the gradual reduction process, some people can get certain withdrawal symptoms like the sweats coming on or feeling a tad irritable. Personally, I didn’t go through this process…because I knew from this reverse engineering process that I’m sharing with you all that it’s merely a mind trick that nicotine and smoking plays on you.

What was causing those alleged withdrawal symptoms was not your body suffering due to lack of nicotine?

In fact, there are no real side effects to quitting and nicotine only stimulates the brain’s “neurotransmitters” activity sensors causing you to think you need more.

It’s the power of the “nightshade plant” where the nicotine agent comes from fooling you, making you believe that you are “physically addicted.” However, if you can empower yourself with the knowledge that is all in your mind, then you will be able to quit. As I have without the use of any aids or cravings or weight gain, etc. This is how I did it and how many people have done in the past and are doing it TODAY!

So I ask you… are you ready to quit that filthy socially UN-accepted habit once and for all? Are you committed to a path that will result in a healthier and happier you? All I can say is you have the power to you… as mentioned. Build a barrier between you and your pack of lucky’s and learn from these words of advice! In the end, it’s your final decision…so again I ask…” in the words of our founding fathers” what say you?

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