An Interview With Pure Science Labs And Our Full Discovery

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 Our Pure Science Lab Products Reviews

pure science lab review

Pure Science Lab Reviews-Do They Make Their Own Products?

We recently had an interview opportunity to speak with Steve Pomerantz, the owner of the Pure Science Lab CBD product company. Upon talking with Steve, the first question that came to mind was why cannabidiol or CBD? Also is your business a “private label” 3rd party production or do you make the products yourselves?

Mr. Pomerantz’s reply to our initial question was, his prior background was heavily involved in the development and production of nutraceuticals  for past 20 years and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 4 years ago. It was this diagnosis that Pure Science Lab was born and is now fast approaching its 5th successful year in the holistic’s industry.

Having a strong background in nutraceuticals, Steve started doing severe personal research to find a natural holistic alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for this crippling disease.

After long and exhausting research on available information, Steve stumbled on CBD hemp oil as a way to control his inflammation from Chrohns Disease. He learned that the high-quality hemp plants offering the health benefits needed were primarily in the Netherlands. Not surprising considering that all forms of cannabis/marijuana have been legal in the Netherlands since the beginning.

Is it True That The Best Hemp For CBD Tinctures is in Europe?

The Dutch country is known for farming and cultivating only the highest quality crops of cannabis/hemp for centuries. Unlike the tremendous negative propaganda about cannabis that started here in the U.S in the 1930’s, the Dutch people have always supported the benefits of CBD oil. Dutch scientists have conducted numerous medical studies not only on the effects of the extract and different CBD strains but how to grow and develop these strains of cannabis specifically for the very best CBD oil extracts 1600 mgs, 725mgs and tinctures available on the planet.

So although the growing & farming of cannabis/hemp is legal in certain U.S states the selling of all natural hemp CBD oil is 100% legal in all 50 states, plus many other countries such as Canada, etc. However, a large portion of the CBD extract producers that sell the products to “us” (the buying consumers) use the hemp plants grown locally in the legal cannabis farming U.S. states. So, unfortunately, these producers don’t offer the same full spectrum pureness and beneficial medical quality as the hemp exported from the Netherlands.

Their CBD Products Are All Made In The U.S.A.

“Pure Science Lab only uses exported European/Dutch hemp and produces all of their product line in a “clean room” lab facility here in the US”. This is one of the first things emphasized by Mr. Pomerantz to us in our interview along with the fact that all of his products do NOT leave his lab until they have been 3rd party tested for quality assurance and safety.

Mr. Pomerantz also stated that Pure Science Lab currently carries 36 skews of different CBD products to purchase from extract tinctures to edibles. Of course, during our interview, we had to ask what was the companies bestseller and he replied: “Our flagship product is the 450 mg pure organic full spectrum drops, but the edible gummies have equally been the hot ticket”.

Words From The Founder and Owner

We then asked what is the process for making the edibles vs. the extracts and if they offer different benefits? He replied: “We have our Netherlands hemp shipped here via burlap bag bundles. We strip the plant for the leaves and seeds and do the extraction process in our lab facility”. He then said: “We create our oil tinctures using a process through medical-grade co2, unlike most of our competitors that use alcohol, etc.” he also said: “We make everything in-house and take the extracted tinctures after our processing to make the various products in our line.”

“As for the edible’s such as the gummy worms, granola, and chocolates we work with an organic baker, who only uses natural ingredients and strictly no-GMO’s.” “We give them our quality CBD oil extract, and they add it to the edibles at the mg CBD levels predetermined by us for specific products.”

Our interview with Mr. Pomerantz lasted over three hours, and we were seriously impressed with what we’ve heard. It was at this time we decided to get some of their products and test out every aspect to make a full honest evaluation.

CBD Hemp Oil Vape Kit Review

(1) USB Charger, (1) automatic draw Battery, (1) 200 mg CBD Cartridge)

The first Pure Science Lab Review (Good Vibes) product by us was the CBD vape oil kit. Since our quit smoking website is all about the many ways to quit, our general focus is on vaping as an alternative, and it seemed the obvious first choice for CBD oil review.

The kit comprises with all the things needed. I nice hard shelled case with velvet lining preformed to hold the USB easy charger, the cbd vape oil itself, which is made similarly to nicotine e-juice from vegetable glycerin with the liquid extract tincture  inside filter tip. The battery in our case came 80% charged already, however it’s recommended to fully charge before using.

The Kit Is Ready To Vape Out Of The Box

You pop off the rubber cap on the threaded end of the filter tip and screw it to the battery, the vaping device is now ready to use. Once you take a draw, blue lights on the front of the battery illuminate to show it’s working. Now upon our first venture of vaping with this kit, you immediately feel and taste the cbd. Vaping is the fastest way to feel the effects and using this vape pen was no exception.

For those suffering from anxiety or just need to unwind from an overwhelming day will love having this vape kit. So convenient to carry with you in need for pain relief or stress, the one caveat is vaping cbd oil may work fast but it doesn’t last long. However that’s what makes using this unit so nice, you simply take another draw or you’re good to go. Overall we were very impressed with the entire kit and it’s performance.

So in closing our thoughts on the Pure Science Lab Reviews “Good Vibes” CBD Vape Kit was 4 STARS! It met all expectations and highly recommend, the only negatives are the cbd sensation doesn’t last as long as the extracts and edibles and some times the threading doesn’t fit well in the battery from it being milled and you may have to clean.

CBD Edible Gummies Review

(450 mg of cbd) 30 pieces approx 15 mg’s per gummy

Those Gummies Sure Are Yummy!

Our first impression starting with the cbd gummies packaging was top notch. When speaking with Pure Science labs Steve Pomerantz, he explained how the gummies were flying off the shelves and the demand is growing daily.One taste and we could easily see why!

The edible’s of cbd is a newer product of theirs derived from the success of their pure spectrum extracts and drops. As mentioned above the company works through an organic baker and produces the gummies using PSL’s hemp cbd oil. 


How Can You Go Wrong With A Healthy Healing Delicious Sugar Free Natural Medication?

The gummies are 100% natural, completely sugar free as well as gluten free containing only pure natural ingredients. It can take anywhere from 30 mins to an hour before the cbd gummies take effect. The 30 piece container is a resealable plastic which is air tight to hold the freshness.

They give you a huge variety of flavors and types of gummies in the 30 piece assorted pack. Our personal favorite are the fruit roll up kind, but there are different flavored worms, coke bottle flavor, watermellons and many more. They taste awesome and knowing they’re 100% natural and sugar free you can eat them without the guilt.

Of course you do need to understand this is a medication and Pure Science Lab recommends to only have 1 gummy a day. The effects are calming and soothing, no adverse feelings and ideal for anxiety and chronic pain relief. One of our favorites in the edible cbd department for sure and we give their gummies a full 5 STARS!

CBD Pure Extracts-Concentrates Review (coming soon, stay tuned)