The IQ Offers Many High End Features, Let's See What's Under The Hood?

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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer 2023

 Hey It’s SJ from and the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is one of our latest reviews in their fast growing vaporizer line of products. As we discussed in our Ascent vaporizer review, the DaVinci company are the leading innovators of this high tech dry herb vaporizers. Now they’ve gone to new levels introducing the IQ device combining the same sophistication as their previous vaporizers are using unique features and functions that we’ll discuss in depth through this review article.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review 2023 And How It Works

Loading the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer with your favorite botanical is not difficult – just flip open the bottom chamber to expose the heating chamber and pack it up with your preferred herbs. For the best results, you may want to tightly pack your botanical in the vaporizer chamber for a better more even session, then flip it closed and your ready to start vaping.

The IQ can be operated in two different ways to use the DaVinci’s IQ vaporizer, one is through the exclusive software via Bluetooth connection using the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer app on your phone, and the other is direct interaction with the vaporizer.

If you prefer interacting with the vaporizer directly, just press the device’s power button, found on its side, five times to switch it on.

This will start up the DaVinci IQ in “Smart Path” Mode 

This will allow you to set the temperature range you wish to vape. When selected, Smart Path starts at the lowest temperature range before slowly increasing the range to the highest point. For instance, smart path four will initiate the device at 205C, after which the temperature rises to 220C over 10 minutes.

This is the perfect function for those people who like to increase temperatures when vaping. By allowing you to control your vaping manually, this option minimizes frequent interaction with your device and app. The great thing is that you can customize your IQ’s smart path mode using the app for a more fine-tuned experienced.

If, however, you don’t want to use “smart path,” then simply press the device’s power button once. Doing this will enter the device into “Temperature Control” mode. Under this option, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer operates like standard temperature control units and allows you to set the temperature to a range of your liking using the + (up) and – (down) buttons found on the side of the vaporizer.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Phone APP, Perfect Compliment If You Are Tech-Savvy

Then you can use the device with the IQ app via Google Play and iTunes). The IQ app allows users to turn their IQ off and on using their phones, a pretty unique and handy feature, and most certainly a first in the vaporizer industry!

The IQ app also allows users to set the temperature at a range of their liking like they would on their device. As earlier mentioned, you also can use it to customize your devices smart path mode. The great thing about IQ smart app is that it also allows you to track your usage.

This way, it becomes easier to see how you are interacting with the device when vaping. Also, IQ app, much like it’s competitor the Firefly2 portable vaporizer, allows you to update the device’s software when patches are made available by the manufacturer. Most of these updates are generally released to improve the vaping experience and to address different reported issues and glitches.

Flexible Temperature Control

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer-showing-temp-display

The device has a maximum temperature range of 222C, (431 degrees F) more than enough heat to vaporize herbs. You can opt to use the device’s smart paths to slowly increase or decrease the temperature to a range of your liking. This can also be modified using the IQ app, which is available on DaVinci’s Website, Google Play, and iTunes.

DaVinci IQ is a versatile device and can also be used as a standard vaporizer – that means that you can set temperatures yourself. That makes this device an excellent option for anyone who’s already experimented with different vaping temperatures and has found their sweet spot when it comes to herb vaping.

Boost Mode

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer also features a unique mode known as boost mode. The mode is activated by simply pressing and holding the device’s power button. When engaged, boost mode will rapidly increase temperatures to the highest temperature range possible. This option will prove handy for those people who want to enjoy every last bit of their herbs as they finish vaping.

The fact that the device offers both precise control and smart paths makes it a very powerful and unique device. Since it adds lots of customization options to your sessions and is fun to switch from one mode to another, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer will make you feel like you have two different units.

Overall Manufacturing Quality For The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ’s manufacturing quality is a very big step up from its predecessor, the Ascent. While Ascent isn’t that bad a device, its swing-hinge door and glass vapor path made the vaporizer fragile requiring users to handle it with care.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer-showing-full-kit

But that’s not the case with this portable vaporizer. With the IQ, DaVinci replaced the glass vapor path with ceramic zirconia, the unique, cutting-edge type of ceramic available. This new casing is designed to withstand extensive forms of abuse; as such, you never have to worry about your device’s path getting damaged or buying costly replacements ever again.

The device has doors both at the bottom

The top that swing open to reveal the mouthpiece, vapor path, and heating chamber and are the only weakness points of the device since hinges may not handle drops very well and may lead to issues.

While you might be taking very good care of your high quality vaporizer, accidents do happen. With that being said, it wouldn’t be a good thing seeing a vaporizer rendered useless after a drop.

Right at the device’s heating chamber door, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer has fitted a ceramic zirconia “pearl” that helps reflect the heat towards the herbs at the bottom of the device, a place where they typically would not be baked.

Most users were initially skeptical about this move and thought this would not have any significant impact. The interesting thing, however, it actually works brilliantly as it creates the perfect environment for the herbs to be cooked evenly.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Display Features A Fashy 51-Light Grid Display

That’s quite difficult to read, especially if you view it an angle and under bright light. The display option we preferred is when you set it to “stealth mode” setting that can be accessed by pressing the down arrow and power button simultaneously. When activated, stealth mode dims the display, making it easier for the eyes to read information displayed on the screen.

The unit’s size is smaller compared to Ascent and comes with a removable 18650 battery much like that we have seen in devices like Arizer Air. We commend DaVinci for making the device’s battery removable as it considerably improves the unit’s longevity. One of the first things to fail in most vaporizers is the battery.

As such, having the power to replace one means that users can use the device for a long time. And the great thing is that the company offers the IQ with a 10-year warranty – one of the longest warranties in the industry.

Visit The Official DiVinci Website For More Detailed Information


Ease of Use

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer can be operated using the included app or on its own. It is a good thing that the company saw it fit to offer its users both options, allowing them to decide on how they interact with the device. This is unlike other devices like Firefly 2 that force users to use their apps to change settings like temperatures – something that can get quite annoying.

The IQ app is a user-friendly application that features an elegant design that even the most technophobic of users will feel confident using. However, if you do want to use the application, then simply use the unit’s buttons to operate and interact with it.

The great thing about this vaporizer is that most of its modes are available on both the device and the app with the only thing that you can’t do using the device is setting custom smart paths. Whichever way you use your device, the end result is usually the same – an out-of-this-world, user-friendly experience.

Vapor Quality

The IQ by DaVinci is the first herb vaporizer to feature an all-ceramic vapor path that maximizes on flavor – as a result, the unit’s vapor production and flavor are simply outstanding. The interesting thing is that their vapor path design is another first in the vaporizer industry and is certainly worth it. At low temperatures, draws are full of flavor and smooth. Considering that this is a conduction vaporizer, the flavors we got from it were impressive and were almost at par with convection units. Almost! At high temperatures, users get to enjoy a decent flavor and better vapor production. However, we noted that flavors diminish much faster at higher temperatures.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer-app inside

Because of the vaporizer’s air path design, the vapor is ever cool – hot hits are something you will never experience with this device. The truth is, the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer draws perfectly. If you want to enjoy your vapor to the max, then smart paths are the way to go.

Why? You start off drawing full-flavored puffs. And as the temperature increases, the draws become stronger. This approach will allow you to experience all the different flavors your herbs have to offer as temperatures increase.

For the best vapor production, consider packing your herbs in the chamber a bit tighter. Not too tight that it restricts airflow, but just enough to keep herbs from flying around in the vaporizer’s chamber.

Battery Life

The device’s 18650 battery life is quite decent and lasts about 4 to 6 sessions before needing to be charged. This, however, is determined by the length of your vaping sessions and your temperature settings. If you want to vape for much longer, then consider buying extra 18650 batteries.

At some point, we even wished that the company had adapted the IQ to accommodate two batteries to boost the unit’s overall battery performance – As they have done with the Firefly 2. However, the battery life of a single 18650 battery used in the IQ is almost double that of one Firefly 2 battery. Considering this, IQ certainly takes the prize.

All in all, we think it is advisable to pick up extra 18650’s if you will be using the vaporizer often as it’ll minimize the need to change the unit now and then.

Our Conclusion On DaVinci’s IQ Vaporizer

From our experience with this vaporizer, we certainly congratulate the DaVinci company for the engineering and amount of innovation they put into creating the IQ.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is a small, extremely portable and affordable vaporizer that is giving units in its category a run for their money. Not only is it powerful and efficient, but it also offers more features – a mobile app, custom vapor cycles, and Smart Path Technology – than most of its counterparts.

The device’s ceramic pearl ensures that herbs are cooked evenly, and through its all-ceramic vapor path, offers vapers some of the tastiest vapor ever made by a conduction unit.

From the very first time you vape on a DaVinci IQ Vaporizer , you can tell that the company put a lot of love and thought into the creation of this device while learning from the weaknesses of some of their previous units. If you are a DaVinci products fan or simply love vaporizers, then you will definitely hit it off with the IQ. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is the perfect blend of technology, function, and fashion.