Venture Into Some Of The Most Popular Dry Herb Vaporizers For 2023

All Vaporizers Aren't The Same

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 Portable/Desktop Vaporizers 2023

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The Top Dry Herb Portable/Tabletop Vaporizers for Medical Cannabis 2023

(Please note we also have reviews on the desktop vaporizers further below this page)

As we approach a new year for the vaporizer industry and the expansion of states legalizing both cbd oil and medical/recreational cannabis use, the dry herb vaporizer market is exploding. Now more than ever patients and recreational users are turning to vaporizers, rather then the old conventional smoking methods.

So we began to investigate the various vaporizers both “Portable” & “Desk Top Stationary” models with in depth (as always un bias) product reviews, to see which product and brand best fits your personal needs and budget.


#1 DaVinci IQ “Dry Herb” Vaporizer


The top vaporizer on our list has got to be the Davinci IQ. This unit was released in late November of 2016 and stands as one of the best in today’s market. The DaVinci brand is one of the top in the vaporizer industry and have several product lines with the IQ leading with all it’s features and options.

davinci-iq Vaporizer

“Loading the IQ with your favorite botanical is not difficult – just flip open the bottom chamber to expose the heating chamber and pack it up with your preferred herbs. For the best results, you may want to tightly pack your botanical in the vaporizer chamber for a better more even session, then flip it closed and your ready to start vaping.

The IQ can be operated in two different ways to use the DaVinci’s IQ vaporizer, one is through the exclusive software via Bluetooth connection using the DaVinci IQ app on your phone, and the other is direct interaction with the vaporizer.

If you prefer interacting with the vaporizer directly, just press the device’s power button, found on its side, five times to switch it on…” Our Full DaVinci IQ Review


#2 The Firefly 2


a firefly multiple color2 Vaporizer

The Firefly2 is another fore runner in the industry and is very comparable to the Davinci IQ in many ways.

However it offers some very specific custom features and provides a different overall experience that some people love and others might not care as much.

“This newer unit is ideal for anyone who wants an ideal vaping experience that promises smooth flavor. It practically heats on demand, so you’re not going to have to wait. If you’re in for a quick session of vaping, you’re sure to get it with this model.

It’s ideal if you’re on a short break or if you simply want to break your sessions up into smaller sessions without wasting your herbs or your break time…”

Bear in mind the Firefly is one of the more pricey vaporizers we’ve reviewed and you can get a complete understanding of everything it has to offer in our Firefly2 vaporizer review

#3 DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer


ascent vaporizer review

Prior to the new release of the IQ Vaporizer, is Davinci’s Ascent product. This vaporizer has really been shown to a be leader for folks wanting the full flavor along with high quality production.

“When you open the DaVinci Ascent, you’ll need to charge it. Just plug the charger into the port that is located at the bottom of the unit. Always allow for plenty of time for your new vaporizer to fully charge before you begin using it. It may take up to five hours for your DaVinci Ascent to fully charge, so you’re going to have to be patient.

Once your DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer is fully charged, you can press the power button that is located inside of the glass mouthpiece. Now, an LED-lit screen will light up and welcome you to your new DaVinci Ascent. After the unit powers up, you can then see that the glass-lined ceramic bowl starts heating up…” The Ascent does have some small technical issues, but nothing dramatic as we covered on our full DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Review



Best Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizers for Medical Cannabis 2023

The desktop or table top vaporizer is designed to sit level on a flat surface. The design is perfect for medical marijuana patients for comfort and ease of use, particularly for elder patients. So we look at the different desktop style vaporizers, which have different functions, performance and price points.

#1 Volcano Desktop Vaporizer


volcano Vaporizer full kitThis unit is built by German engineering technology to not only out perform it’s competitors, but to last for a lifetime. Made with food grade aluminum and high performance heating element.

“The exact temperature can be inputted, and you can achieve the heat you would like much easier compared with the classic version. However, the Classic is an excellent vaporizer, and for most people will get the desired temperature close enough.

Also, the digital version has an auto-shut off feature. It is nice. However, it doesn’t come anywhere close to justifying a higher price.

In our experience, the Classic also performs better and is somewhat more durable. The Classic also heats up just a bit faster, and the Digital has a slightly higher tendency for breaking down (although the warranty can cover that).”… Read Full Volcano Vaporizer Review



#2 Vapir Rise Desktop Vaporizer


The Vapir Rise vaporizer stationary unit may not have received a full 5 stars, but only by a small margin.

 vapir rise Vaporizer

Mainly because the construction isn’t built with as solid materials as the Volcano, noted as #1. However this doesn’t affect the quality or performance and when you factor in the cost differential it may very well be the reason for choosing this unit. 

“The build quality of this device far surpasses others. While made up mostly of plastic, it’s top of the line polymer plastic that isn’t easily melted or broken.

Many of the parts are plastic. However, it’s very sturdy and withstands rough handling. Steel and plastic parts are all well made and fit properly together. You can anticipate many years of happy vaping with this unit.” See the full Vapir Rise Review