An Overall Outlook At Kangertech's Nebox Mod

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Kanger Nebox Reviews

Kanger’s very first integration of the tank as well as a Mod. The Nebox is small, light and includes everything you’ll need to begin vaping, except the liquid.This review will allow you to discover if Kangertech’s first foray into temperature control vaping fits your style and your needs.


kanger tech nebox review


” The main difference is that the Joyetech is like the Dr. Bruce Banner version. With the Nebox, you get the incredible Hulk!


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Most vapor kits combine a mod and a tank, but the “K- Nebox” employs a new approach. Now you have the all-in-one approach first seen on the Joyetech E-grip. Like its predecessor, everything here, including the tank, atomizer, coil heads, and the battery are all contained in a single box mods style device.




Kangertech is the most popular electronic cigarette/nicotine vaping brand based in China.

Here’s a quote from the company president At Kanger, “We’ve got many representatives that have a great deal of experience within our company leaving their clients worry free and fulfilled of their inquiries. We feel that the customer is the thing that keeps us going.”

The vaporizer is not difficult to hold and vape with and at the similar time inspires lots of confidence within the user. It’s just as useful for newcomers and hardcore vaping enthusiasts. Still, You can count on KangerTech.

With the options of the temperature control and wattage, you’ve got multiple methods to choose what’s appropriate for you. This is a vaporizer that enables the user to pick the vapor quality they wish to produce.


Packaging is really well presented as you’d expect

With all Kanger Products being a well respected and reputable business you wouldn’t expect anything less.The unit has a comfortable design that’s sleek on the exterior and carries every one of the intricacies of the temperature controlled vaporizer on the inside.

The nebox overall is just a fantastic little device. Overall it is a terrific device at a great cost and so far reliable. Still, it does not stop the NEBOX from really being a strong and enduring device. The tank is, also, produced from plastic. 


What’s The Best Type Of Juice To Use?

Typically VG juice ( Vegetable Glycerin)  produces the huge clouds of vapor. This tank is only going to work on a mod with the capacity of firing sub-ohm atomizers. With this particular tank, dry hits might be a thing of yesteryear.

The Kbox mini box mod or Cuboid mini can be bought separately too in the event you only need the box mod.You are going to want an e-juice with a greater VG content. The specs are almost always visible and relatively easy to read. Overall, we like this gadget! nebox kangertech 4 color pictures

Specs: Some unique cool points to know about the nebox starter kit Vapor Mod:

The entire unit looks like a top quality kit. The wattage setting will subsequently start to flash. This is a fantastic feature, as it permits you to truly utilize the very same coils you’ve got for your Subtank with the NEBOX. Setting what kind of coil you’re using is also fast and simple.

However, I have yet to discover any system that is. The external battery is also helpful as it affords you the ability to just alter the battery the moment it fails to retain a charge, instead of being forced to obtain a totally new device.

Lastly it needs to be mentioned there is no airflow control and therefore this gadget was made for an immediate lung inhale only. The Kanger NEBOX starts with a solid aluminum body, that is the ideal material, as it’s both lightweight and strong.


• The body material is aluminum alloy featuring a glossy paint. Available colors include black, white, red, and “baby blue”.
• It measures 58 mm (2.28 inches) long, 22.8 mm (0.89 inches) wide, and 86 mm (3.38 inches) tall. It only weighs 5.43 ounces, which in metric is 154 grams.
• The e-liquid capacity of the tank is 10 ml. That’s ten ml (and no, it’s not a typo).
• It offers variable wattage, ranging in 0.1 W increments from 7W to 60W.
• Temperature control is part of its features, and the temperature output ranges from 200 degrees F to 600 degrees F. That’s 100 degrees to 300 degrees C.
• It needs an external 18650 battery, which is NOT INCLUDED in your purchase.(see lowest price on 18650 battery) You’ll need to make sure you get one over 20A.
• The maximum output voltage is 9V.
• The charging current is 1A.


What’s Included in this starter kit?

(18650 Battery NOT Included)

Kanger NeBox comes with:
• 1 SSOCC 0.15 SuBohm
• 1 SSOCC 0.5 ohm
• 2 RBA coil
• 1 RBA Mini Plus base
• 1 RBA desk accessory
• 1 Japanese cotton sheet
• 1 Authenticity code using guide
• 1 SSOCC caution card
• 1 USB cable
• 1kanger nebox manual

With your purchase, you get the Ne-box with the Ni200 0.15-ohm coil already pre-installed. And the tank with the 10ml capacity is already built in. You also get a stainless steel OCC (or SSOCC) vertical coil rated at 0.5 ohms, a mini-RBA coil, a USB charging cable, and a black battery cover.

RBA: Coil building really should not be attempted by beginners. Please make certain that your batteries can deal with the excess power requirements, and your mod can manage the amps.

Needless to say, you might have noticed the coils include a new design. In addition to the additional cotton, you will also require some significant grade Kanthal wire for re-wrapping your coils.

But in some versions, you get 2 pre-made RBA coils instead of 1. You also get additional goodies like a sheet of organic cotton from Japan, a toolkit with a screwdriver and screws, and the user’s manual with a separate user guide.


Distinguishing Benefits that this box mod offers:















First of all, there’s the 10 ml e-liquid capacity. Never again will you have to complain about needing to fill up your tank too frequently.

If that still happens, then you’re probably vaping too much! And yet the folks at Kanger managed to fit this in such a modestly-sized lightweight package.


Temperature control, the Ne-box is the first Kangertech device to offer this.

You have four preset temperature settings and 2 for variable wattage. You just hold down the + and – buttons to access them. In temperature mode, you use the Ni200 coil head, which explains why it’s the one that’s pre-installed in any of the  box mods vaping devices.

With the options of the temperature control and wattage you’ve got multiple approaches to choose what’s best for you. The 2 resistors given in the box are efficient and you’ll find no bad surprises using them.

The wattage setting will subsequently start to flash. They truly are smaller than the current OCC coils, round fit plus a similar size to the majority of standard coils.The wattage is adjustable as well and gets up to 60W. However, for the best taste, most users tend to recommend not going past 50W.


The new nebox coils

Of course, you may have noticed that the coils come with a new design. They don’t have that old boxy shape anymore, and now they’re also stainless steel.

However, you can use these coils (they’re available in 1.5, 1.2, and 0.5 ohms) for your older Kanger tanks, while the old-style coils can also be utilized. But pretty soon the manufacturer will be using the SSOCC coils mostly because of their better performance.


Naturally, you should notice the coils include a new design

The entire unit looks like a top quality kit. The tank is, also, generated from plastic. Here is the same for practically any tank or device which uses o-rings. When it’s full, unplug your charger and take out the battery. The two resistors offered in the box are efficient and you’ll secure no awful surprise using them.


Please have a fundamental grasp of the batteries you’re using and the way to care for them properly

Setting which kind of coil you’re using is also fast and straightforward. Here again, it isn’t easy because you have to remove your finger to help you to view the display. You’d better select the rough method, utilizing the bottle directly.

Try and make sure it remains upright and treat it using a bit of care. Based on the shipping provider you pick, delivery date estimates may show up on the delivery quotes page.

Key point take away’s from the video review:

  • Optimum settings for normal vape is 30 Watts (although this unit can fire up to 60 Watts)
  • Temperature best around 420 Degrees, although you can set at a much higher Temp if you prefer


Some Other Featured Benefits That Distinguishes The K Nebox

It also comes with an OLED display, which is sharp and bright enough. It shows an icon for the battery level, and it also tells you the wattage, voltage, and ohms. It also tells you if you’re in VW (variable wattage) or TC (temperature control) mode.

The NEBOX is a lovely part of the equipment. The Nebox’s tank too is a hybrid tank. The wattage setting will subsequently start to flash. There’s also a helpful E-Liquid table included too. If you prefer things cheaper do RBA.

The Delphin drip tip is removable, and it uses the 510 E-GO thread style. But you may not want to replace it, since even when the box gets warm when you turn it up to 50 or 60W, the drip tip itself remained comfortably cool.


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kanger nebox-contents-display whats in the starter kit box


The look of the Nebox is quite nice, although of course this all depends on your aesthetic preferences. But our unscientific and informal surveys show that most people like the look.

The red color is quite deep, the black is dark and glossy, and the white is even a true white. The powder blue color seems to be a hit with the ladies, who mostly agree that it really should be called “baby” blue.


Pros and Cons About “K” Ne-Box Vapor Mod “The Good And The Bad”


So we have a great look, lots of adjustable settings with the temperature and wattage, plus a humongous capacity for the tank that you won’t find in any other competitor.

It also comes with an RBA deck that’s similar to the RBA in the new Subtank Mini(review). It comes with a pre-installed 0.5-ohm coil, but of course, you can put in the coils you made yourself.

It’s also light at 220 grams when you fill it with 10 ml of juice, and you install the battery. Given its very affordable price, it seems like a winner.


But it’s certainly far from perfect. Perhaps the most glaring drawback to the Nebox is its lack of airflow control. The airflow is fixed at a setting that’s similar to the widest setting in the new Kanger Subtank(review), but perhaps just a touch more restrictive.

What that means is that it’s no good for “mouth to lung” vapers. It’s perfect for direct lung inhalers, but it’s unfortunate that the mouth to lung crowd won’t be able to take a hit on this all day long.

Here are other disadvantages, but they’re minor compared to the lack of airflow control. The finish of the threads isn’t good, in the event the tank isn’t perfectly screwed, it really is shaky.

Another issue, as you’ve got to puff many times, the tank along with the metallic drip-tip heat up very quickly. I’ll be searching for a gel case or something to repair this but I’d rather the battery cover didn’t fly off really easy with a brief drop.


Does The Nebox “k-box” have a problem leaking?:

The very first point to check is over-tightening. The O-Rings are always there to block the leaks. Don’t get one drip of liquid into the air pipe whenever you are filling it. Improper use may lead to injury or damage.This definitely is an issue many men and women have with Vaping devices and among the most typical factors behind leaking.

When in regular usage, the liquid has a tendency to be vaped away before it has an opportunity to come to an end and an old atomizer will raise the chances of leaks occurring.

However, an issue with this kind of airflow, like with this type of box in general, is you could inadvertently plug the hole using a finger. Overall it is a terrific device at an important value and so far reliable. 

At times people have complained that the nebox can leak

In the beginning this product was known for having leak issues and was humorously titled the “Leak Box”  this is true but then again name one vaping unit that doesn’t have this problem from time to time.

Most of the times when leaking occurs it’s usually due to minor issues like coil replacement or just plan over use. However since the introduction this product has gone through significant improvements on tank seal for leakage.

The battery cover is a pain to remove

Since you need a coin or perish the thought some type of tool like a screwdriver to get it off. soon the paint of the battery will have flaked off because of this. It’s been acknowledged the threads on the battery and tank screws aren’t the greatest.

But I’ve yet to discover any system that is. I’d also prefer to see a much better improvement to minimize the possibility of leaking E-liquids because I have noticed this occurring as soon as the gadget gets warm.

This is quite easy and among the best features of the NeBox, with its large 10 ml tank, that stops you from refilling on a regular basis.

This may be without doubt a superb selection for vapers trying to find a portable device that holds up to 10ml of E-Liquid and ought to give you an amazing vaping experience. However, for the purchase price, an individual could anticipate a better finish and also a greater quality. 

The tank is also made from plastic. And with the reservoir (tank) built into the mod, cleaning it can be delicate. You don’t want to get any water into the electrical parts of the mod, so you may have to use a syringe if you’re going to use water.


Our Overall Verdict For This Box Mod

  • Given its very inexpensive selling price, it appears like a winner!
  • Double the amount that a lot of tanks in the marketplace now can hold… that is amazing news in itself!
  • The sole tool you’ll ever need with this particular mod is just a solitary penny.


Kangertech’s most recent box mod has been an important subject of discussion within the vaping world recently.

There are only two things you have to know about before you purchase a Subtank Mini.

This excellent scope of goods from Kangertech represents the very best e-cigarette options in the marketplace presently and supply a simple everyday solution to your vaping needs. Besides, all this includes a simply awesome price tag!

In short, among both contemporaries, Kangertech appears to get taken the edge this time! I find that dropping two or three drops of the brand-new juice right into the coil helps. And also the red O-rings offer an excellent contrast.

The Kanger unit is not for you if you like a tight draw and a mouth to lung style of use. But for those direct lung inhalers who enjoy sub-ohm vaping and the simplicity of a single device, then its a winner. arrow


Although the Kanger Nebox was great in it’s day, the technology and performance is a bit antiquated from today’s AWESOME HIGH PERFORMANCE MODS for 2017-2018!

If you’re looking for A BEAST of a MOD Stop Smoking Now Aids recommends you take a gander at “The King” by SMOK! Checkout  and see why we prefer this Bad A** Baby Beast, click our link below and see for yourself.




FYI Remember:

You will also need to make certain you prime the coils while using this device because it will provide you with the very best vaping experience from the start and prevent any dry hits. This kit is excellent for anyone from a whole beginner trying to find a very first setup to an aged pro wanting a present for a friend, or even a spare.

For more detailed information on the top vape mods on the industry currently, or would like to compare which personal vaporizers are optimal/optimally for you, check out our Vape Mod Guide.


Nicotine Vaping Q & A

Many folks new to vaping have lots of questions about different aspects of vaping in general. In this question and answer section we try to dive into the most important and commonly asked questions to give you a better understanding and insight from an experienced users perspective.

Q: What is nicotine vaping?

A: For those not familiar with what nicotine vaping is, lets start with the basics. Vaping is the short nickname for inhaling and exhaling a harmless liquid vapor, which is similar to what is done with smoking cigarettes.

The process of how the liquid or E-Juice (See what is E-Juice in Q&A below) is turned into a vapor is done by heating and element known as a coil with a battery then the heated liquid is atomized into a vapor. That’s the short answer  and was basically how the evolution of how vaping started.

Today the technology has gone leaps and bounds in various methods of heating and the atom-ization process along with tons of other features that takes vaping to a whole new level and in our opinion it’s just the tip of the iceberg on things to come.


Q: What does vaping nicotine do?

A: In a nut shell answer it allows the ability to inhale personal preferences of anywhere from 24-0 mgs of nicotine in the form of a PG (Propelyne Glychol)/VG (Vegetable Glycerin) liquid. As like any other nicotine aid such as gum and patches, those who need their daily dose of nicotine can get in through inhaling the vapor.

So for those trying to quit conventional cigarette smoking, but would prefer getting nicotine from a similar way they are familiar too, this method works the best. Probably the significant reason why so many have quit smoking through vaping. However the benefits of receiving nicotine from vaping over smoking cigarettes are 10 fold at best and is fully explained in greater detail on ou


Q: What does vaping nicotine feel like?

A: We get many people asking this question, especially those trying to quit cigarettes via vaping. In the beginning of the vaping industry the initial taste and draw from an electronic cigarette was an acquired taste to say the least.

It had a very foreign chemically taste and was nothing in comparison to smoking conventional tobacco, those who thought they could simply switch to vaping from cigarettes were very disappointed. This was almost a decade ago and since then the dramatic differences and improvements has gone full circle.

Today’s top vaping devices are incredibly affordable, such as the kangertech nebox and the Joyetech AIO, there is literally no difference with draw or sensation from conventional tobacco with devices like these and the other newer devices. So the answer is vaping nicotine is exactly the same as smoking, but much healthier and NO added chemicals, toxins and carbon monoxide.


Q: How much nicotine does vaping deliver?

A: This particular question is completely controlled by the user. Typically when someone starts to vape when breaking away from cigarettes it’s best that they start with the highest level of nicotine at first. Most folks choose 24 mgs and use a nicotine flavored liquid that mimics tobacco flavors.

There are thousands of flavors and e-liquid brands on the market today and more new ones daily. The amount of nicotine desired and delivered can be reduced by the user as they start to familiarize themselves with vaping in generally. Just like any nicotine quit aid you slowly begin to wean down the mg’s at your leisure and if desired to 0% to totally quitting altogether.


Q: How safe is vaping?

A: By far the most asked question and the answer isn’t carved in stone at this time, because there hasn’t been enough time to test definitively. However what we do know and has also been confirmed in many medical publications.

Web MD ,is it’s clearly better than tobacco cigarettes. So if you are on the fence about the safety of vaping when trying to quit smoking, you’re far better off with vaping from a health perspective.

The plain fact is vaping is only inhaling a nicotine (only if nicotine is desired) vapor and nicotine in itself is NOT dangerous. It is however addictive and the reasons folks get hooked on smoking in the first place.

Again the clear difference between the two are night and day with the chemicals added to tobacco cigs and the fact that you burn them and therefore create C/O to be inhaled, is in itself the most dangerous part of smoking and what kills more people with lung cancer and other fatal heart diseases etc.

To this day there is no documented diseases or deaths cause by vaping, of course it may be a little to early to verify but it has been 10 years now and surely if there was a major health risk, the medical industry would have announced it.

Q: What Actually Is E-Juice or E-Liquid?

A: There are 4 parts to consider when describing the liquid that creates the vapor, typically the e-liquid  is comprised of a combination of these first 2 which is a PG/VG mixture with each attribute giving a combined effect.

  1. PG otherwise known as Propylene Glycol this part of the mixture bring more of a vapor cloud, people who like to have huge vapor clouds prefer this, however this juice is very harsh on the throat and leaves a dry residue after taste. Under most circumstances the PG amount of the mixture is approximately 20-30% of the overall PG/VG e-liquid
  2. VG or Vegetable Glycerin