CBD Hemp & Medical Cannabis Laws In Texas

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CBD OIL TEXAS-Is The CBD Product Legal 2018

CBD Hemp State by State Guide

Texas CBD oil is the newest path to healthy living and wellness. The medical miracle of hemp CBD products is changing the world and the signed SB 339 bill allows Texas. Being compliant with the FDA (food and drug administration) health policy laws makes cbd legal and available in the longhorn state.

When most hear about oil in Texas they usually picture oil gushing out of of towering wells, but this miracle oil known as cannabidiol or (CBD) grows naturally in the industrial hemp plant form. Texans can gain the medicinal benefits and get relief from chronic pain and much more. CBD oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that contains low THC. In other words, users will never get “high” after taking the CBD oil. 


Is CBD oil legal in Texas?

This is good news for the Texas community. Texas makes it the 15th U.S. state to legalize the use of cannabis sativa oil, like CBD!

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot signed the SB 339 bill into the law. The bill allows an epileptic patient the access to “Low THC’ hemp cbd oils.

This was after a safely tested and they confirmed the health effect of the cannabidiol. Yet, the Governor insisted that the law will not extend to legalize marijuana or medical cannabis. But the legalization has set up the state to begin the distribution of this low THC oil in Texas.

“After testing the CBD oil, we were not but amazed at the promising results of this magical plant. There is a hope for families in Texas. Most especially those dealing with the outrageous effect of epilepsy every day.” Governor Abbot said in one of his statements. 

Now, Texans can use the cannabis oil without an offense. They were able to use CBD oil under the Texas Compassionate Use Act which legalizes the sales. Gov Abbot did state he doesn’t want any reform bills in regards to cannabis while he’s in office. However, he did mention that his gubernatorial predecessor in 2019, may be leaning in legalizing more options, so we’ll stay on top of this and see what develops.


What Does CBD Oil Treat?

It’s a natural drug that treats epilepsy, but that’s not all of the benefits of cbd. Hemp products can treat conditions such as anxiety, seizure, psychosis, inflammation, and stiff muscles.
Medical scientists have attested to the miraculous therapeutic properties of the CBD. This was after a thorough clinical trial period. Now, holistic companies can sell quality CBD oil online with Low THC.  You do not have to worry about the ‘high” sensation of THC.

Cannabidiol also lowers the psychoactive effects cause by THC. They include reducing, vomiting and nausea, as well as prevent tumors from growing. 


Choosing The Right CBD Product

Choosing the best CBD hemp oil products can be a bit stressful. Especially now that the Texas market is becoming crowded with products from all over. But, some of these companies selling bottled CBD oil drops may not be trusted.

We’ve heard stories of CBD products that contain toxins, metals, and chemicals. So, we’d advise if you want to buy cbd oil. you to go for a reputable company that includes private 3rd party lab testing such as the ones listed below that offers selling high-quality CBD and also offers some exclusive cbd oil discount coupons


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