SMOK Majesty All New Carbon Fiber Edition with TFV8 Baby Tank

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The Brand New Majesty Carbon Fiber

Ergonomically Designed To Give Users A True Comfortable Feeling



It should be no surprise that the Smoktech brand is becoming a very predominant force in the vaping industry

The brand’s infamous player in the production and distribution is their “SMOK” vaping line of products. Offering tanks, coils and mods, these guys are at the top of the chain with their elite designing engineers and cutting edge technology. They quickly became recognized for several flagship products in the vaping world.

For example the TFV8 series of sub ohm coil tanks have hit the vaping community like a rocket and fast becoming the tank to beat all e-liquid tanks. The TFV8 baby tank gives off a tremendous of flavor and if you’re into HUGE vapor clouds look no further then tfv8 baby beast.

The latest and possibly greatest in the SMOK family is the “MAJESTY” carbon fiber starter kit, by far one of the sharpest box mods on the market today. It offers several unique features which we’ll go over in detail below. The most striking an innovative component to this mod is the combination of alloy materials used. Either the multi-colored carbon fiber or the spiraled resin.



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The brains behind the operation of this magnificent mod is the technology within the microchip processor for the new key functions that separate from all the rest.

If you’re looking for adjusting wattage levels from as low as 6W all the way up to the max 225W, which was unheard of before, the majesty carbon fiber starter kit’s adjustable wattage control. Unlike the previous units like the smok alien, this wattage control allows all type of vaping styles due to the ability of accomodating variable resistance atomizer coils which can go from 0.05 ohms all the way to 3 full ohms.

It comes in a range of colors that include black, purple, red and blue. It also has carbon fiber material that makes it durable due to high intensity and stronger corrosion resistance. the Majesty 225w is the latest release from Smoktech following the success of our previous box mods reviews of the “OSUB King” and the “Priv v8″One of the headline features is an upgraded user interface system that has a large OLED screen to give users easy interactive experience.



The vape runs on two (not included in kit) 18650 batteries that allow it to have an extended running time and ability to output up to 225w tc-230w of power.

The device comprises of smok tfv8 baby ( baby beast brother) sub ohm Atomizer tank which is rda compatible that offers ample storage compartment for up to 4ml e-liquid. The new Maj starter vape kit comes as a package that contains the mod, TFV8 X-Baby Tank, pre-installed dual coils, sextuple coils, replacement glass tube, USB cable, user manual spare parts and accessories.

The Majesty kit edition is small in size with 85.1 mm height, 46.1 mm width, and 30.6mm depth. Its total weight adds up to 161.9 grams. The small size and the light weight makes it highly portable since one can carry it in a pocket or a bag.



The carbon fiber resin material makes it durable.

• Friendly user interface

• Attractive appearance due the range of colors and material

• A Large holding capacity of up to 4ml

• Economical since it uses rechargeable batteries

• Safe to use since it offers protection against potential risks

• Adjustable top airflow system prevents flooding and gargling

• Comes with spare parts and a user manual

  •  Extended dual battery life
  •  Dual battery life indicator




• The product may appear technical for users who are used to simple vapors

• It is bulky when compared to narrow, sleek pen-sized vapors




Key features

The maximum power output of majesty carbon fiber box mod starter can up to 225w-230w.
Temperature Mode will increase the heat consistency and flavor.
Wattage Mode setting is ideal for huge vapor clouds.

Memory Mode setting can give personal preferences.


Majesty MOD
Size: 85.1 x 46.1 x 30.6mm
Wattage Range: 6-225W
Voltage Range: 0.5-9V
Standby Current: <500uA
Batteries: 2 x 18650 batteries (not included)
Resistance: 0.1-3ohm(VW)/0.05-3ohm(TC)
Temperature Range: 200℉-600℉/100℃-315℃

smok tfv8 big baby sub ohm tank
Size: 24.5mm x 59mm (Standard Edition)
Capacity: 4ml
Material: Stainless steel
Thread: 510

SMOK Majesty Resin Edition Kit 225W (standard edition) comes with

1 x Majesty Resin Mod
1 x TFV8 X-Baby Tank(4ml)
1 x V8 X-Baby Q2 Core (0.4Ω dual coils) (Pre-installed)
1 x V8 X-Baby T6 Core (0.2Ω sextuple coils)
1 x Replacement Glass Tube
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
Spare Parts


1. Upgraded user interface


Majesty carbon fiber edition has an OLED screen that displays accurate and detailed vaping data. Some of the data that displays on the screen includes the dual life battery indicator that allows the user to monitor the amount of power available to run the device.

It shows the remaining screen time in seconds and the available operation time using six different SMOK procolor’s. There is also an Auto lock system on the screen that allows users to lock and unlock the device with much ease. The colorful oled screen displays the crucial information neatly making it easy to read with a quick glance.


2. Dual battery


The new box mod is powered by two 18650 batteries that give a maximum output power of up to 225W. The replaceable batteries are advantageous than built-in ones especially when the user does not want to plug-in to recharge since one can replace the used batteries with fresh ones with much ease.

Once the batteries charge gets low and the battery life indicator goes on, users can recharge using a USB cable. It offers three different power modes settings that include temp mode, watt mode, and memory mode. The temp mode enhances consistency and taste of every puff while the watt mode allows cloud chasing. On the other hand, the memory mode enables users to DIY their personal preferences.


3. Multiple protection





The smok majesty kit resin vape safeguards against various potential risks. One of the protection safeguards against the risk of short circuit which makes batteries to overheat, catch fire or even explode.

It also has a puff monitoring system that monitors usage and advises
the user when it is time to refill the e-liquid. Other protection
mechanisms include the intelligent atomizer recognition, 12 seconds cut
off and low battery warning.


4. Adjustable top air flow system

Users can adjust the top airflow by turning the control ring at the top of the tank which in return controls the size of two adjustable air slots. When users regulate the amount of air that gets into the vape, they minimize flooding and gargling.


5. Delrin Drip top


The delrin drip tip top brings increased air flow which in return provides users with powerful draw effects.


6. Nicotine Vaping

Apart from the herbs and e-liquid that can be used in the vapor, it also accommodates nicotine. Users can, therefore, have the same experience, flavor and taste as smoking nicotine cigarettes.


7. Ample E-Liquid Capacity TFV8 Baby Tank


The smok majesty carbon fiber vape features a TFV8 X-Baby Tank Atomizer that can hold up to 4 ml e-liquid when full. In case the e-liquid runs low, users can refill with much ease through the enlarged e-liquid slots located beneath the top cap.

Opening and closing the top cap is a piece of cake. One only needs to
rotate it counterclockwise when opening and clockwise when closing.


8. Carbon Fiber


The carbon fiber material places the majesty mod is one step ahead of other vapes made using materials such as aluminum. Carbon fiber allows the majesty to be stiff and rigid while at the same time enabling it to be light in weight.

When subjected to high temperatures, carbon fiber records almost zero expansion rate which makes the mod to remain in good shape despite temperature levels. Carbon fiber is also resistant to temperature.

Therefore, the heat eliminated during vaping is not noticed by the
user since it does not affect the material. The material also makes the
majesty to be durable.


9. User Manual

The kit comes with a detailed user manual that is helpful to different user despite their level of experience in vaping.


10. Fire Key





Our Final Thoughts On Her Majesty


The smok majesty 225w fire key is large for more comfortable operation The brand new smok vape mod offers ample benefits to users. Such advantages include appealing colors, small size that makes it highly portable, extended battery life that allows it to operate for a long time before the charge dies.

Having exclusive features that include a friendly user interface with OLED screen that displays accurate vaping data. There is also an Autolock system on the screen that allows users to lock and unlock the vape with ease before and after use.

The device is made of carbon fiber material that customizable to different colors and pattern that make it appealing. The material is also rigid and stiff which makes it last for a long time. In case of high-temperature control levels, the alloy material records almost zero expansion rate, and it is also heat resistant.

The mod has sufficient capacity capable of holding 4ml q-liquid. It is safe to use since it offers multiple protection against short circuit, overheating and warns the user in case the battery runs low.