Quit Smoking Marijuana and Use a Vaporizer

May 15, 2017

Quit Smoking Marijuana and Use a Vaporizer


Marijuana Wasn’t Always A Taboo In Our World

Important Facts Need To Be Known:

Before 1937 the United States government initiated the Marihuana (spelled with the “H”) Tax Act of 1937, keeping in mind that marijuana was commonly used throughout our history.

In fact there are discoveries as early as 5000 BC of using cannabis in ancient medicine and even reports of cannabis found in Pharoahs tombs.

So whether it was for medicinal or recreational, the use of marijuana has been a part of our world history from the beginning.

Cannabis is used in many different forms from smoking to ingesting CBD oils, drinking and eating. Many false media narratives were being spread that were out right incorrect and quite frankly racist.


Claims were raging from African Americans smoking marijuana and raping women to weed making you a psychotic lunatic.


A perfect example of this type of hyped media propaganda can be best viewed from the 1936 movie “Reefer Madness“. This film over exaggerated  the effects to a ridiculous level to scare the public. In reality, the reasons for this government propaganda was to enforce and control the use for revenue purposes only. Since it’s a natural plant that everyone can grow themselves, they needed to convince the parties that be, in so many words that cannabis was evil.

Fast forward to 1996, California is the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Today (2017) more than half of the US states have legalized medical or recreational marijuana use, with more pending to date.

We know today that many things that were documented about marijuana were wrong.

So how can we distinguish the truth? Which was a lie and which was false? Well, let’s point the obvious. Marijuana when comes in contact with fire turns into smoke that gets inhaled with use of some form of  combustible paraphernalia device.

We know that smoke (generally C/O) is not good for the human body, especially your lungs. This doesn’t mean you need to stop smoking weed. You just need to use different alternatives that are better.


Forms of Marijuana Use:

The uses today range from edible cannabis baked goods to internal tablets. Some folks believe edibles cannot be used too often because the high is different. It’s a body high rather than feeling a head high that you typically get from conventional smoking. The other caveat with edibles is the same amount you eat today will affect you differently than it would if you ate the same amount tomorrow.



Basically edible cannabis can be a hit or miss. It’s a different feeling each time and if you take the wrong amount or too much it can affect you negatively. Many types of marijuana consumables have different THC mg doses. Baked goods like cookies and brownies are typically not best used for medicinal purposes.

The next alternative which is by far the best option is to use a marijuana “dry herb vaporizer”. These vaporizer devices have been out for several years, but today through advanced technology the devices have been more perfected in both quality  and efficiency.


Herbal Vaporizers:











Herbal vapes, vape pens or a dry herb vaporizer are the best thing to happen to smokers. Vaporizers are electronic devices where you put your material in and vaporize it. This means the coil or heating method should not come in direct contact with the herbs.

When your botanical is heated up too much (as with conventional smoking), it turns into carbon monoxide smoke, which defeats the purpose of vaporizing. Depending on your material you might need a particular vape or tank. Different materials that can be used are dry herbs, liquids which may or may not contain nicotine or THC, and concentrates or waxes.

Today we are going to touch on dry herb vapes. There are a plethora of options and choices when it comes to these kind of devices. The market is vast with so many different kinds  from portable to stationary desktop units. Some portable vapes look like a regular pen, and some look like big box walkie-talkies with the flexible mouth piece that resembles radio antenna.

You might find one disguised as a key fob while another looks like a regular inhaler. Vaporizers have known to be an excellent source of going incognito when in public. It allows you to be stealthy without having to be too much of a ninja.

Many people will claim vapes do not smell when you use them. That is not true. Herbal vaporizers will give off the smell of the herbs you are vaporizing regardless. However, the typical smell from vaporized cannabis has a nutty pleasant light odor. If the odor smell is too much it can be easily adjusted by lowering the temperature on the vaporizer.


The benefits of vaporizers are tremendous, especially in comparison to smoking. Another great thing about using a herbal vaporizer is that you and your clothes don’t smell, like you would if you smoked. Most portable units can easily stow away in your purse or pocket.


  • Health – Many people who use medical marijuana have a hard time smoking  because they have some illness in their throat or lungs. They often stop using it because of this or switch to other forms like edibles. Vaporizers have helped them come back to flowers and give them the comfort they know.


  • Discreet – As we mentioned, vape pens help you stay incognito and discreet when using it in public. It can easily be used and put right back into your pocket.


  • Save Money – Vaporizers main cost is their upfront cost. After that, you save more money using a vaporizer. Vapes do not consume many herbs since they do not directly burn the herbs.


How to Pick the Right Herbal Vape

Choosing the right vaporizer is easy once you realize the main requirements you want. First of all, ask yourself if you will be using the vape at home or in public too. If you think about taking this outside, then you need a portable vaporizer. The second question is what you will be vaping.

If you want to vape herbs, oils, and waxes, then you will need a triple use vaporizer that can do all three. If not, get the vape for the particular material.

One thing to remember is to aim for a temperature controlled battery. This means you can change the power on the battery on the temperature your materials are vaporizing. Herbal vapes tend to range from 350°F to 428°F.


How to Use a Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers are relatively easy to use. Efficiency may differ from one unit to another, but once you find the right temperature for your herbs, it’s easy sailing from there. Before you start, make sure you grind up your herbs. This helps them get a nice even heat distribution, so you’re not wasting it.

Next, go ahead and turn on the unit. Set the temperature to your desired temperature. Put the herbs into the chamber and let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute. Usually, the device will tell you when it’s ready by flashing or shining a light. Once ready, go ahead and take a slow drag.


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