Once Considered Glamour Now Considered Disgusting

smoking in the old days was considered glamorous picture banner
February 27, 2016

Once Considered Glamour Now Considered Disgusting

It’s Truly Amazing How Smoking Was Perceived And The Difference In Opinion Today


smoking in the old days was considered glamorous picture banner

Not too long ago, just about everyone was either smoking themselves or didn’t mind others smoking. The habit was endorsed by celebrities, doctors and the wealthy. Smoking was considered somewhat sexy and glamorous as well.

Perhaps the tobacco cigarettes of old were of much better quality.  However today’s horrendous version would have never received high acceptance.

Today’s tobacco has gone from bad to outright deadly. View a very comprehensive report about this and more in our Quit Smoking From A-Z Guide! The fact remains that cigarettes in the current industry are loaded with more toxins than ever before.


Reason for this big change is quite simply GREED!

The Government mandated a surgeon’s general label needed to be applied to each cigarette pack. Disclosing the fact that smoking causes cancer and complications with pregnancies.

The moment this was discovered and let known to the public the tobacco industry starting losing sales and market share by dramatic levels. The reason quite simply was it was easier to quit back because the only addictive property was the nicotine.

So to keep their grip on the smoking populates, the tobacco companies need to hedge their bets. leveraging the ability to keep people hooked by adding other addictive chemical properties.


There Are More Unidentified Chemicals In Cigarettes Than Ever Before

Today it has been confirmed by many medical studies that there are now hundreds of added chemicals in today’s cigarettes. Not only keeping smokers hooked, but making it impossible to break away quickly and more deadly than ever. So, in a nutshell, it’s not your fault of not being able to break the habit. This is the reason people still smoke tobacco today.


If you surveyed 100 smokers and ask them:

A) Do they know smoking is deadly and can kill you, invariably you will get a resounding YES, from all surveyed?

Then ask B) Why do you still choose to smoke and the answer will be I tried I just can’t!




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