Investigating The Ego One-Joyetech's Compact Powerful Multi Mode Mod

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The Ego One Is Small In Size, But Big On Performance!

Joyetech ego One In package

Joyetech Ego One Review

Does Size Really Matter?

Recently I had the pleasure of giving the Ego One CT (Constant Temperature) a test run and compiled a thorough review of all aspects of this mod. In a nutshell I couldn’t believe how small it was, the battery stands 2 1/4” high and 3/4” wide in diameter, the whole unit connected with tank is only 4 1/4” tall.


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So now we ask the age old question, does size matter? Well in the case of high performance packed in a compact mod like this little Ego One, the answer is a resounding NO!.

Although this vape mod is one of the smallest on the market it certainly doesn’t lack power. The standard unit (the one being reviewed) is an 1100 Mah with a maximum wattage of 25.

That’s pretty powerful for a mod this size, some of the other unique features to the Ego One is it can serve both standard vaping and sub ohm. I’ll get into more in-depth detail on the specifications and the overall functionality further in my review.

The Ego One device from Joyetech can be found in most quality vaping stores, I grabbed mine from one of the Top Vape Shops in Toronto. As you’ll see below, like most mods we review, there are both good and bad things, but I hope you find this information helpful on making a buying decision and give folks a better understanding of it’s functions.~Bobby




Ego One Specs:


The Joyetech Ego One Anatomyego one specs

The unit comes standard with a powerful 1100 Mah battery but can be upgraded to 2200 Mah (you’ll notice in the box the preform unit holder is larger than the 1100 Mah size mod to accommodate the larger battery upgrade).

For those not familiar the Mah is an acronym for Milliamp Hours, it measures the electronic power over time. Generally it describes the total amount of energy a battery can hold at one time. The higher the Mah count the longer a battery will last at full charge.


ego_One battery quality chart


Wattage Range And Volts

As mentioned previously the fixed maximum wattage for the 1100 mah Ego One CT is 25 watts and carries a standard between 3.3-4.2 volts.

There are no control adjustments to this mod which makes this unit very easy to operate and is perfect for people just starting to vape.

For those more interested in varying temp controls and adjusting wattage and other functions check out our Joyetech Cuboid Review, you’ll find it more to your liking.


Atomizer Head/Coils

Probably one of the coolest features to the Ego is it’s ability to have multi functional vaping modes. Meaning conventional standard vape and sub ohm vaping in one device. Thus where they came up with the name Ego ONE, allowing ONE vape mod for the best of both vaping worlds.

For seasoned vapers, such as myself this function allows me to easily change vaping modes with a simple coil replacement. So if you prefer a mouth to lung hit or a direct lung only, this all in one mod handles the job nicely.


The Ego comes stock with 3 different coils: (See below on everything included in the Ego Starter Kit)

A 1.0 ohm coil (for standard vaping in CW Mode) is pre-installed with the unit.

2) Sub Ohm atomizer heads also come with the mod as standard to allow multiple sub ohm vaping and give you all 3 mode options (CW, CL-NI, CL-TI)

  1. .4 Ohm coil head for the sub ohm CL-TI(Titanium) mode
  2. .2 Ohm coil atomizer head for the sub ohm CL-NI (Nickel 200)Mode

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Tank And Capacity

Depending on what size unit you get accommodates different tank capacities. The Ego One that I have is the 1100 mah and the tank can only hold 1.8 mls of e-liquid.

The larger 2200 mah has a tank capacity of 2.5 mls. So the 1100 is great for the luxury of your home , where you can easily refill and the larger 2200 is for when you are out an about and can’t refill.


That being said, remember that Joyetech is the company that introduced and created the Ego 510 thread system and battery and since almost all mods are adaptable to the 510 thread design, this little mod can use alternate types and size tanks.

For example I tried it on my Kanger sub tank as a test for a little sub ohm vaping and it worked like a charm. Also to test for standard vaping I used the Aspire Nautilus Tank and it also had no problem working with this mod’s battery features.

The nice thing is with both of these tanks they both have different coil types, case in point the Nautilus uses a BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) and the Kanger has a RBA (Re-Buildable Atomizer) using a .5 ohm coil.

Both tanks worked with Ego One and another key feature to the Ego is due to the fact it doesn’t have variable controls it automatically adjusts to the proper vape mode aka CW, CL-NI, CL-TI) based on the atomizer coil in use. That feature was very impressive, not too mention both of those tanks have large 5 ml capacity so it’s a win/win.


Air Flow Adjustment


The air flow control valve on this mod is superior and simple to see and use. The valve opens and closes by sliding the ring just below the tank(see image on left). This is great for getting just the right amount of air for mouth to lung inhales or closing it off completely for direct lung sub vaping.

I’m glad Joyetech improved on this feature unlike there very cool all in one AIO, which I Love but to adjust the air flow,it’s not that great and almost impossible to see if you’re opening or closing the flow visually.



Coil Wick Material

The wicking material for this unit is a man made cotton and mineral fibers in comparison to organic, which has a durable quality and length of burn usage.

There has been a lot of discussion about the best material to use for wicking and by far organic cotton is one the most popular. So perhaps Joyetech may change to organic but for now it’s synthetic cotton wicking and not every vapers cup of tea.


General Safety Features

The Ego has a couple of nice safety features such as a built in circuit breaker to avoid a short circuit. The unit is designed to recognize which type of atomizer coil head you’re using and adapts to the proper mode.

So if you try to use a sub ohm vape mode and don’t have the proper coil installed the unit won’t work in the selected mode and will revert to the proper one automatically. It also has a low voltage protection system to avoid possible damage or harm.


What’s Included With The Ego One CT Starter Kit?

ego one in the box

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Depending on which model EG: 1100 Mah or 2200 Mah

  1. Ego One CT rechargeable Battery
  2. 1.8 ml tank with 1100 or 2.5 ml tank with the 2200
  3. 1) 1.0 ohm atomizer coil head
  4. 1) .4 sub ohm atomizer coil
  5. 1) .2 sub ohm atomizer coil
  6. USB charging cable
  7. User manual reference guide
  8. 90 Day Warranty Card

Everything you need to get started is inclusive, all you need to supply is your favorite E-Juice.


How To Use And Operate The Ego CT

Upon first receiving the device, the battery only has about a 70% charge, so you’ll need to fully charge it using the provided USB cable. Once the unit is ready you can either start with the pre-installed 1.0 ohm coil or switch one of the sub ohm atomizer heads.


Filling with E-Liquid

Carefully un-screw the tank by turning the air flow valve counter clockwise until the coil base unscrews and opens. Now after opening to add e-juice you need to be careful because there isn’t much room around the tank for filling.

It’s best to either use an eye dropper to get inside the tank fills or a long pointed e-liquid dispenser. See illustration below for visual details.

illustration displaying how to fill the ego one with liquid










Operation Options and Process

To turn on the battery and jump to various vaping modes, start by firing the power button 5 times quickly. The LED light will begin to flash 5 times in succession this lets you know that the ego is ready to use.


To Switch To Different Vape Modes (CL-TI,CL-NI, CW)

Start with the power button off, press and hold the fire button for about 2 seconds and you’ll see the different mode options light up, when you find your desired mode, let the fire button go and it will set to that vape mode setting.


Increase or Decrease Wattage

While the unit is on, press the fire button three times to switch between Low, Medium and High wattage. Listed below are the output levels from Joyetech in CW Mode and TI, NI temperature for CT mode:

Output level in CW Mode

  • 0.4~0.8 ohm: 25W
  • 0.81~1.6 ohm: 15W
  • 1.61~3.5 ohm: 7.5W

Temperature levels in CT Mode

CT-Ti: 470’F

CT-Ni: 480’F


Vaping With The Ego One

vaping with the ego oneA Beginners Vaping Paradise

Personally I think this device is perfect for the beginner or someone breaking away from conventional smokes, similar to the Aspire Starter kits. There are several reasons this device leans in that direction, first of all it’s size and simplicity to use.

Beginners have a tendency to get overwhelmed by the various functions of coil resistance and temperature controls etc. Also to go and grab a big box mod rather than a sleek small device like this one isn’t very feasible.

That being said, this device isn’t just for beginners, any experienced vaper will appreciate it’s stealth vaping abilities and “no brainer” functionality. Basically it has everything for both seasoned and newbies IMHO.


One Vape Mod To Rule Them All 🙂

Just like in the Lord Of The Rings famous quote, you only need this Ego One CT to give the best of both vaping worlds and that’s pretty cool in itself. Now if you’re wanting a nice high PG mix mouth to lung hit, I suggest you go with the 1.0 ohm in CW mode with the air flow control closed or slightly open.

Especially for those new to vaping and coming from cigarette tobacco, the mouth to lung style inhale is very similar and you’ll find the transition very easy.

Now if you’re looking for a direct lung hit and huge vapor clouds packed with flavor, then you need to go with .4 ohm or .2 ohm sub ohm mode and a fully opened air flow. When sub ohm vaping with these atomizer heads you’ll notice the air flow chambers are larger than the 1.0 ohm being able to give mega vape clouds.

So if you want more flavor and lung hit clouds in your vape then the sub ohm mode is best. If you want a little less flavor and a more conventional mouth to lung style, then the 1.0 ohm in CW mode is the way to go. Either way you’re covered with this tiny dynamo mod.


Pro’s And Cons About The Ego One

As I’ve discussed throughout this review this multi mode mod is pretty sweet, but I would like to point both the positives and the negatives. YES there are negative issues with this device albeit not major ones, but some things could stand for improvements and since Joyetech is one of the founders in the vaping industry I’m confident that they will be addressed in the near future.



Cost is very affordable for any budget

To start the purchase price for this powerful multi functional mod is very moderate in comparison to what you would need to get all these features wrapped in the small size.


Battery Power

The standard 1100 Mah battery not only packs a nice wallop for both 1.0 ohm and sub ohm vaping but I found it’s lasts a long time on a full charge. Then you add the ability to switch to different coil modes and protective features and it’s a solid winner across the board.


Easy for Beginners but advanced enough for seasoned vapers

Right out of the box there’s practically zero learning curves and the user manual that comes with it explains how to use and operate with ease.

Having fixed wattage and no extra features like screen display or upgrade-able firmware, may not be to a veteran vapers top priority list, however for beginners it’s a dream and personally I don’t mind NOT having to adjust all the extra features found in more sophisticated box mod devices like the Kanger Nebox for example.


Vapor Quality And Performance is Very Good

The vapor that this device puts out in both modes is terrific, whether you want big clouds of flavor or conventional. Having the option is great to switch from mode to mode and this unit doesn’t disappoint.


Compact Size

If you’re looking for a less intimidating sleek vape mod, rather than a big bulky box mod with all the bells and whistles, you can’t ask for more than the Ego One.



Fill Tank

My first issue with this unit is the tank fill, there is very little room around the fill area, unlike other tanks and can be difficult to fill. The other tank issue I have is the the fill sight window, its very hard to see with the 3 open ports on each side. So it’s hard to notice when your out of juice.

FYI: When refilling this device, make sure you hold it upside down and never upright or you’ll get liquid all over you. Also be careful to un-screw from the the battery and not accidentally unscrew the tank leaving the coil base. It has a tendency for the tank to turn and leave the base attached to the battery, so make sure of that before fully unscrewing.


The Metal Drip Tip Can Get Hot

I’ve noticed when using the metal tip after 1.0 ohm vaping for a while the metal gets hot, not scorching, but enough to be an issue of comfort. So it’s best to use the plastic drip tip with conventional vaping. However sub ohm vapes doesn’t seem to be an issue with heat on the metal drip tip.


Charging Base

The USB plug on the battery is located at the very bottom and the unit doesn’t stand well on it’s own with the charging cable being so low. Most batteries have their charge ports in the middle or top and it works a lot better in my humble opinion.


Doesn’t have Auto Shut Off

Not a huge issue by any means, just remember when carrying in your pocket to manually shut it off, so you don’t sizzle in your pants 🙂


My Overall Thoughts On The Ego One CT

This little unit is well worth the price and outside of the small flaws that I mentioned above, it has impressed me to say the least. To be able to get all that this unit offers in one tiny package is very cool.

Definitely a winner especially for a beginner, no muss or fuss unit ready to vape right out of the box. Plus for us serious vapers having everything under one hood is golden.

I give this device 4 out 5 stars and highly recommend you giving it go, at what ever level of vape experience. ~SJ




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