Better Habits that Result in Effective Weight Loss

November 21, 2016

Better Habits that Result in Effective Weight Loss

After Someone Has Finally Been Able To Quit Smoking Their First Concern Is Weight Gain.


The article below discusses the use of a very effective and innovative diet plan discovered by Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons called the “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin” (low caloric diet) otherwise known as HCG.

Rising above obstacles in order to meet goals is a part of almost every aspect of life. A change of circumstance occurs, or you fall short somehow, then you adapt and overcome. For instance, you might need to backtrack a bit with a Steak or Egg Day, or perhaps you need to adjust the dose of your HCG drops or add on another supplement to overcome a plateau.

Nevertheless, if you equip yourself with more positive strategies, then you will prevail in the journey toward health and fitness. Here are some useful ideas to keep in mind.

Mindful Eating

Imagine thinking before you eat. While this habit is possible to develop, it does not necessarily mean that you’ll be obsessing every time you pick up a fork. You will learn to recognize “triggers” for mindless snacking, like stress, boredom, or social situations.

Once you determine exactly what sets off a binge session, then you find some other behavior to replace the munching. Also, you’ll learn not to deviate from portion sizes or calorie quotas. All of these “new” habits are integrated into the HCG diet protocol and can become second nature.

Regular Exercise

Although strenuous body building is not recommended while you are taking HCG diet drops, you can still build in physical activity into your daily routine, from joining a gym to incorporating habits like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away. Another way to stay motivated is to make exercise a part of your social life.

For instance, take a walk with a friend or significant other or join a yoga or low-impact aerobics class. When you have friends or family around to encourage you and hold you accountable, you’re more likely stay with a regular workout routine.

Positive Attitude and Perseverance

As mentioned before, obsessing over every single detail won’t help you get your desired results; rather you’ll end up feeling guilty about just one bite of food that perhaps you shouldn’t have or pondering over just one missed dose. (It can happen to anyone.)

While keeping the details in mind, try to keep your eye on the goal instead and persevere for the right reasons—for you. Try rewarding yourself at the end of each phase (not with food, though) and telling yourself that the healthful benefits and increased energy will all be worth it.

Build Up a Support System

This strategy relates to the other two on exercising and having a positive attitude. Maintaining both can be so much easier with a group of supportive and encouraging individuals. So enlist the help of family and friends. Chances are there might one person who decides to go on this diet plan as well.

If for some reason, the cooperation cannot be found within your social circle, you can also look online for weight loss support groups or perhaps those you communicate with via social media. You might even be able to start your own group that can meet up on a regular basis.

Daily Weigh-ins and Food Journaling

Weighing in daily, preferable first thing in the morning, can help you track your progress, but again, this can be counterproductive if you start to obsess over one small set-back. Remember how the protocol goes and what to do if your weight creeps back up or you hit a plateau.

One strategy that will help in this endeavor is to keep a daily food journal, either on a notepad or by using an app on your cellphone. The food journal will pinpoint what exactly started the increase or why all of the sudden you stopped losing.

Therefore, you’ll be able to look back at the record and determine what food or beverage you’ll need to cut out. Plus, when you check your weight daily and track your nutritional intake, you’ll be less likely to go over the number of calories allowed.

All in all, remembering that these habits take time and practice to form will help you to make some long term changes that will stay with you for life. Basically, you’re not just winning the battle against extra pounds, you’re giving yourself a lifetime of good health.

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