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Looking at the three different vaping kits for all experience levels

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 Not All Starter Kits Are The Same, Discover The Right Kit For You

Aspire Starter Kits Reviews

With these kits from Aspire, beginners as well as experienced vapers can get all they need in just a single purchase.

Vaping can seem like a complicated business especially when you read about it, and it can be a very intimidating experience trying to decide on which gear to use.

The people at Aspire are quite sympathetic to your problem. So they’ve decided to offer their starter kit as a way to ease you in. This is actually very affordable, which should suit newbies, but their quality isn’t cheap at all.



Basic Starter Kit Review




Aspire K1 Starter Kit:

Since it’s a starter kit, Aspire offers everything you’ll need to start with vaping. The kit includes the K1 glassomizer, a battery, 5 replacement coils, a USB charger, an A/C adapter, and of course there’s a user’s manual.

The key component here starts with the K1 glassomizer. It holds just 1.5 ml of e-liquid, which should be adequate for beginners. On the base, it features 2 air holes measuring 1 mm each, so the draw is tight enough that it resembles the same effect as taking a drag on a cigarette. That’s a good thing, because most of the time the newbies are using electronic cigarettes like this for quitting smoking.
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It looks cool too, as it’s made with stainless steel and Pyrex glass

The stainless drip tip is removable, in case you want to customize it with another drip tip. And though it’s a starter kit, it also features the excellent bottom vertical coils (BVC) that really produces lots of flavorful vapor. The coil is already pre-installed.

The other main component is the 900mAh G-Power battery with a fixed voltage. Its look matches the K1, as it also sports stainless steel along with a carbon fiber wrap. It’s got enough power to last you a whole day, so you’ll only need to recharge at night and in the morning it’ll be ready once again.

The top connection is spring loaded so your tank always fits properly, and there are 6 vent holes at the base to keep the battery from overheating. Even the button is designed to stay cool no matter how often you fire it up.

This is an excellent choice for a starter kit, and it really offers superb value for your money. See Best Price For Aspire Starter Kits Here


Elite Kit Review



See The Best Price For Aspire Starter Kit


Aspire Elite Starter Kit:

Of course, even if you’re already experienced in vaping you may opt to shortcut the process of getting all your equipment. You can just opt for a ready-made kit with everything you need. And that’s where the Aspire Elite kit comes in. The components included in the kit are already high quality to begin with.

It’s made for sub-ohm vaping, which results in greater vapor production and an enhanced flavor. Here you have the Atlantis Mega Tank.  The 1-ohm coil is already installed, and you have an extra 0.3 atomizer. You can actually use 2 coils: the 0.5 or the 0.3 ohm coil. It also uses organic cotton for a very clean taste. The tank capacity is relatively massive at 5 ml.

Aspire uses durable Pyrex glass for the tube, with stainless steel at the top and bottom caps. The airflow at the top is adjustable so you can set the warmth or coolness of the vapor, while you also get an airflow valve at the bottom so you can determine the stiffness or ease of the inhalation.


With this Mega Tank you can attach it to many different sorts of tube or box mods

The coils can be used for 20-30W and up to 80W. But the kit already comes with the Aspire CF Maxx mod. This offers a massive capacity of 3000mAh and a variable wattage system ranging from 5 to 50 W.

It features a metal button, stainless steel endpoints so corrosion won’t cause problems with the thread, and a carbon fiber coated tube for a good grip and a durable exterior. Putting in and taking off the tank doesn’t cause any significant wear and tear.

With the control circuitry and the structural design of this battery, you get the stability, superb reliability, and extreme ease of use you need. You have a single button to turn it on or off, and a knob adjusts it from 5 to 50 W. There’s a menu on a small rectangular screen located at the top. The battery can’t be removed, but you can vape even when it’s charging.


To prevent accidents (and injuries), the CF Maxx is outfitted with several brilliant safeguards

It comes with a microchip that detects resistance, and it can sense when it goes below 0.3 ohms, so it can detect overheating. It will automatically shut down or flash lights if there’s a problem of this sort, including low resistance, low voltage, high temperature, or a reversed battery. The screen will also display a code signifying the problem.

Additional components in the kit include a USB charger, a replacement Pyrex glass, and a start guide. The packaging is very attractive, and the box it comes in has shaped molds to keep the components in place.


 Platinum Kit Review




Aspire Platinum Kit: Now this one features the renowned Atlantis Clearomizer tank

Its chief features include a 0.5ohm coil, a 2ml capacity that can be upgraded to 5ml, and different air hole sizes that allow you to set the airflow. With the sub-ohm coil, you get better vapor production and enhanced flavors. It also comes with a wide bore drip tip, but if you want you can replace this with any drip tip you prefer.

It also uses the 2000mAh CF battery, which is specifically made for firing up low resistance atomizers. It can reach 30W with a 40-Amp maximum output. With its small size, that’s actually astonishing.


The spring-loaded connector keeps the tank fitting flush

The stainless steel endpoints prevent corrosion no matter how much moisture comes from the tank. At its bottom, you also have vents for better airflow.

The kit comes with an Atlantis replacement tank, along with 5 extra 0.5-ohm atomizers. There’s also a USB charger, and they’re all contained in a box with shaped molds. There’s even a classy leather scabbard so you can take what you need with you.

As you can, going with Aspire won’t lead you astray. Choose any of these kits, and you’re all set for the wonderful world of vaping, and you can leave that nasty cigarette behind you once and for all. If you are interested in a sub ohm all in one like the kanger nebox you can view our review