Discovering The Good And Bad About The Aspire Nautilus E-Liquid Tank

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Important Info You Need To Know About The Nautilus Tank


aspire nautilus

Learn about the Aspire brand for vaping, and check out the Nautilus and Atlantis models they offer

Aspire is one of the leading brands in the vaping industry, and it has earned an excellent reputation for performance and safety. The brand keeps on introducing innovative features that enhance the vaping experience, and it is renowned among experienced vapers while still accessible for newbies.



Aspire Nautilus Review

The Nautilus was released to great acclaim back in 2014. Today it remains a benchmark of what you need to look for in an electronic cigarette. Despite the launch of newer products over the last year or so, many have stuck with the Nautilus, and for many good reasons.

First off, it comes with a stainless round drip tip. It’s removable, and since it uses a 510 thread then it’s not a problem replacing it with the drip tip that more closely matches your personal preference.

It also looks great. It has a few visual accents, such as the knurling texture in the stainless steel polished upper hardware. This feature also helps to give you a better grip on the device, so you don’t inadvertently drop it.

It comes with a 5 ml capacity, and the tank is made of Pyrex glass to counter the acidity of the e-liquid. Other brands still use plastic, which deteriorate more quickly.



The Nautilus also comes with a replaceable BVC (bottom vertical coil)

Your atomizer coils with 1.6 and 1.8 ohm ratings. These are sufficient to produce a huge vapor with a clean taste for the flavor.

For the base hardware, the bottom flexible connector design is a match for any battery with a 510-style thread. The air flow is adjustable with four settings ranging from 1.8 mm to 0.9 mm, so you can adjust the strength of the draw, the warmth of the vapor, and the amount of the vapor.

The O-ring design comes with a special sealing that helps prevent leaks. Again you have some knurling in the texture as well. With its size and shape, the Nautilus matches well with a mod or APV style battery. For all these reasons, it’s one of the biggest bestsellers in the vaping industry.



Nautilus Mini Tank Review

aspire nautilusmini1

The Nautilus Mini looks very much like the regular Nautilus with the same features, except it’s the smaller version.

It’s actually a “mouth to lung” style clearomizer, which just means you need to use the same style of draw and inhale that you use for a regular cigarette.

This makes it easier for cigarette smokers to switch to the healthier e-cig.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, this is a great option, since you can eliminate the carcinogens and gradually reduce the nicotine content, while you still perform the same smoking actions you’re used to.

Since it is smaller, then it’s bigger brother (Full Size Nautilus) that holds 5 ml this tank capacity is just for 2 ml of e-liquid. The BVC coil is rated at 1.8 ohms, but you can also buy and then use a 1.6-ohm coil.


The BVC coil for the Mini is an improved version

It can almost match sub-ohm vaping. It lasts longer, and, what’s more, is that it produces a lot more vapor with an enhanced flavor. The coil wicks very quickly and quite well too. In fact, with this coil you can use e-liquid that’s 100% VG.

The construction quality is excellent, but then again that’s an Aspire trait to begin with. The quality of the stainless steel is quite good. The tanks are easy to take apart. Just don’t screw it on back too tightly when you’re putting it back together, as you may find it difficult to unscrew again.

You also won’t have any leaking problems to worry about. The coils last for a very long time, and then afterward they’re cheap to replace. You can find a pack of 5 BVC coils for about $20 or so.

The airflow settings are the same here, so again it’s easy enough to set it for the kind of draw you want. The tighter settings are ideal for newbies, but once you become experienced, you can try out the wider air flow settings.

If you’re a fan of the “mouth to lung” style, then this is really something you need to consider.



Check Out The Nautilus Here



Aspire Atlantis Tank Review

The Atlantis tank has revolutionized the vapaspire atlantis 2 aing industry as it was the world’s first clearomizer that allowed sub-ohm vaping. Before this,vaping with a coil at less than 1 ohm was only possible with vaping mods, but now this made the new style more accessible.

It’s still not a style for newbies because you’ll need to know about mods and batteries, but for those who know about it the resulting enhancements in the flavor and vapor amounts are outstanding.


I hear all these horror stories about how the battery can explode if you keep it firing for too long. I want to understand how sub-ohming is dangerous.

The Atlantis comes with just a 2 ml capacity, but you get a lot out of it with the 1.5-ohm coil. Its size is set at 22mm in its width that is the same as most mods. However, Aspire is also offering 5 ml replacement tanks.


The air flow system is the same as the Nautilus

so with the widest setting you can get some really huge clouds of vapor. This isn’t for newbies also because mouth-inhaling isn’t recommended. The coil will get too hot without the airflow, and you’ll get very warm or even HOT vapor.


Like all Aspire products the unit is superb and there are also few leak problems. The original coils were partly made from ceramic paper, but shortly afterwards they switched to 100% organic cotton. It’s easy to use, and the vapor amount can compete with RDA coil vapor. It even comes with a spare Pyrex glass. So if you already have a mod for 0.5-ohm coils, this is the one to get



Aspire Atlantis 2 Tank Review

Of course, instead of the original Atlantis you can just get the Atlantis 2. It was released in March of 2015. Now you also get the 1 ohm and the 0.3-ohm coils, so that’s 3 coils in all.

Here the airflow is much wider, and even the drip tip features a wider bore. The tank capacity is also boosted to 3 ml. With its four holes at the bottom of the coils and bigger juice holes, it’s a vast improvement.

aspire atlantis 2 b


Choosing to go with Atlantis is highly regarded among both advanced and beginner users

And with the Atlantis 2, you get a great sub-ohm vaping device that will give you the superior flavor and cloud amount that will make vaping a much more satisfying experience. 






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