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The First Step Is The Most Difficult!…The Rest Is All Down Hill!

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Congratulations on your wise decision to quit smoking!

At our quit smoking assistance center, we know this is a difficult journey ahead. However with today’s advances in technology the road is not as hard as it once was. The first thing one must decide is how are you going to quit. This statement is more easily said than done. When someone has smoked for periods of years to simply break away without a challenge is near impossible.


Not only has the nicotine kept you a prisoner to the smokers habit, but the hundreds of newly added chemicals. Especially in conventional tobacco cigarettes that have put a death grip on quitting cold turkey.Have a good long look at our mega quit smoking guide from A-Z.  A tremendous amount of invaluable information that can help anyone trying to quit.


Alternatives To Smoking Is Very Real And Available

In today’s battle against the harmful and deadly results of smoking continues daily, there are tremendous leaps in anti smoke technologies. One of the most recent choices are the highly popular use of electronic nicotine devices, we offer a massive amount of detailed information and device usage in our nicotine vaping product reviews.

Another incredible advance is the vaporizer revolution and the use for medical marijuana patients. We have an entire section dedicated to helping people understand what’s available, how they work and the top dry herb vaporizers in 2017, that will suite their needs.


It may sound ridiculous to say

But with today’s (AAA’s) additional addiction additives! Even if a doctor told you that if you don’t quit you will die. It is the leading cause of cancer and is NOT safe, can’t even make a season smoker quit!


Have no fear the help you need to quit is here:


have no fear quitting smoking isn't too hard with vaping as an alternative


We’ve broken these different assistance methods into separate pages.You will see the different tabs for the corresponding quit smoking aids in the side bar/upper navigation bar. Consisting of different approaches such as hypnosis, acupuncture and good ole cold turkey.

Among the many that have proven to be the most effective are nicotine aids.

You can gather very detailed information in the ” Nicotine Assistance Methods” or ” nicotine replacement therapy” reviews on our site. In the old days these methods varied from the obvious patches and gums. However today we now have much more effective approaches such as Hypnotherapy, acupuncture and many others.


Not Only Should You Consider Quitting For Yourself And Family, But Don’t Forget Your Pets!



Our poor pets suffer from second hand smoke lingering and they’re completely innocent. So little attention is given to what kind of effects our furry friends receive when being exposed to harmful carbon monoxide smoke. There are many studies that show that pets exposed to heavy smoke filled rooms, suffer great medical problems and even develop diseases such as cancer etc.

If you love them and don’t want to lose your pets, you may also want to consider them, when contemplating your smoking habits. It may not just be your life that gets saved, but your furry loved ones as well.


Proud To Be A Non Smoking American