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Quit Smoking Aids

Is Tobacco Really That Bad? Silly Question Right? All of us certainly know by now that smoking cigarettes are dreadful to you PERIOD!. It is on every pack of smokes that you purchase. It is on billboards all over the place. It is in our TELEVISION commercials (you know the ones that are too disgusting […]

Tips To Stop Smoking Cigarettes Today!

Stick To These Ideas To Help You Stop! Just making excuses when your friends and family ask you about your smoking and more importantly asking why don’t you just quit. You would think given the amount of time you have spent basically wasting your precious health or perhaps the thousands of dollars spent alone would […]

How To Stop Smoking Cigarettes Cold Turkey

Is quitting cold turkey a reality? The short answer is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y in fact everyone, and I do mean everyone has this ability and let me dispel the myth it can be done with NO negative side effects. It just comes down to YOU and how you think. The whole thing is mind control, OK I […]

How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

One of the biggest factors WHY most people don’t quit smoking tobacco is because they conjure up more excuses and reasons why they can’t stop than for reasons they should. It’s amazing how people come up with the most absurd theories and ridiculous explanations. But they do it all the time, and it probably accounts for […]

Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

Turns Your Hair Gray Early

Did you know smoking causes premature aging and turns your hair GRAY… amongst other things? That’s a little-known fact and I am living proof! I started noticing I was turning gray in my late thirties, early forties, and I didn’t like it. So I began touching up the roots… first going to a hair salon […]

Stop Smoking Stategies

Quit Smoking Injection – All You Need To Know About The Injection to Stop Smoking!   Having trouble kicking the habit? One of the easiest ways to combat this is with “stop smoking injections” or sometimes called the anti-smoking vaccine. It’s among some of the most aggressive and effective help aids with a 70-80 % […]