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The First Step Is The Most Difficult!…The Rest Is All Down Hill!


Congratulations on your wise decision to quit smoking!

At our quit smoking assistance center, we know this is a difficult journey ahead. However with today’s advances in technology the road is not as hard as it once was. The first thing one must decide is how are you going to quit. This statement is more easily said than done. When someone has smoked for periods of years to break simply away without a challenge is near impossible.

Not only has the nicotine kept you a prisoner to the smokers habit, but the hundreds of newly added chemicals. Especially in conventional tobacco cigarettes that have put a death grip on quitting cold turkey.Have a good long look at our mega quit smoking guide from A-Z.  A tremendous amount of invaluable information that can help anyone trying to quit.

It may sound ridiculous to say

But with today’s (AAA’s) additional addiction additives! Even if a doctor told you that if you don’t quit you will die. It is the leading cause of cancer and is NOT safe, can’t even make a season smoker quit!


Have no fear the help you need to quit is here:

have no fear quitting smoking isn't too hard with vaping as an alternative

We’ve broken these different assistance methods into separate pages.You will see the different tabs for the corresponding quit smoking aids in the side bar/upper navigation bar. Consisting of different approaches such as hypnosis, acupuncture and good ole cold turkey.

Among the many that have proven to be the most effective are nicotine aids.

You can gather very detailed information in the ” Nicotine Assistance Methods” or ” nicotine replacement therapy” reviews on our site. In the old days these methods varied from the obvious patches and gums. However today we now have the BEST nicotine aid to quit smoking and that’s using nicotine vaping devices.


It is the vaping device that gives the smoker the most natural way of receiving the nicotine their body craves and needs.

“Only without the hundreds of added addictive chemicals and, of course, the smelly carbon monoxide producing smoke.”

Unlike the other nicotine aids, these devices have the same feel as conventional cigarettes. This gives the person who’s trying to quit the best of both worlds. It’s quite remarkable, to see people who never dreamed they would be able to quit smoking, stop practically overnight.

A very true honest fact, and the reason these devices are on the rise and tobacco is on the decline. However not all methods are for everyone, so having options is the key to successfully quitting.


Using Vaping Mods for Smoking Cessation

DESCRIPTION: Discover new facts about e-cigarettes, vaping modifications, the safety of vaping, and the use of e-cigs for quitting conventional tobacco smoking.

It’s now going on close to ten years since the first e-cigarettes first made their appearance in the market. It has been a somewhat controversial product in terms of safety and advantages.

However, according to reputable studies on WebMd and Public Health England, it’s well understood that e-cigs are much less dangerous than regular cigarettes. In fact, normal cigarettes are over 20 times more harmful for users.

And unlike regular cigarettes, there’s no problem with second-hand smoke

Since it releases vapor and doesn’t burn the tobacco. According to the study, the use of electronic cigarettes “release microscopic levels of nicotine into the atmosphere. So the outside air, is having zero negative effect on second-hand intake.

Finally, using electronic cigarettes can also help people quit smoking altogether. Despite limitations on public smoking, deaths in the US caused by tobacco exceed 480,000 a year. According to CDC statistics, and secondhand smoke accounted for 41,000 of these fatalities.


Vaping Mods

E-cigs are electronic devices, and they can be tweaked and personalized to some extent. Just as cars can be modified, electronic cigarettes can also be modified for better performance.

The need for vaping mods became evident almost as soon as the first e-cigs entered the market in 2007. The design of many e-cig brands was patterned after the shape and size of real cigarettes. In general, they were quite small so that they can be portable. But the problem was that this small size for the e-cig severely limited the power of their batteries.

The old style batteries didn’t last all that long before they needed to be recharged.

Often, they only provided 1 to 2 hours of use before they had to be charged again. So quite a few vapers (users of electronic cigarettes) made their own modifications to the e-cigs, and these were usually intended to improve battery performance.

For example, many used 3.7-volt rechargeable lithium batteries that provided a higher voltage than the typical e-cig battery. Others even used multiple batteries and regulators for the housings of these batteries.

For those not very familiar with some of these more advanced “Mod” style vaping devices…

There are some in depth reviews of some of the more popular brands of tanks. Boxes and modified vaping units to give both the newbie and seasoned vaper a better perspective on top features based on personal analysis. All of the full reviews are available within the upper drop down menu of the page or on the sidebar for your convenience.

Below is just a prelude intro of the full reviews for newbies to get better acquainted with the products.

Just a general scope to help explain some of the more common vaping terms meanings

For those not too familiar with vaping devices beyond your corner store disposables you can find more info within this entire page.

**PLEASE NOTE** Everyday new products are entering the electronic cigarette market.  We’ll be continually adding the latest reviews to this website on a daily basis. The main goal and focus is to give the reader as much real un bias information, to help guide you on what best fits YOU.

Vaping Product Review Summary


We’ve recently took a long hard look at the Joyetech line of newer vaping devices. As of right now we have two of the top newest products.  We are adding more as we speak and so far we’re very impressed with these units.

Joyetech Ego AIO ( which is an acronym for All In One”) Review

joyetech ego aio color options

Check out our full review on the sleak super simple to use AIO. It has a powerful 1500 MAH battery that uses usb ohm smooth vaping. We have a brand new video that we did a live event on youtube LIVE getting into every aspect of the unit from A-Z. See Our AIO Full Product Review

The Cuboid Box Mod and the Cuboid Mini From Joyetech

Joyetech CUBOID 150W TC Box Mod

Now the Cuboid is a beast in more ways than one. First off it’s super powerful requiring 2 batteries (not included BTW) and a multitude of features.  Options vary from variable temp and wattage to the exclusive Joyetech firmware updates. Which gets loaded directly to your cuboid and the cuboid minicuboid mini starter kit in palm of hand via usb from your pc download. This allows you not only a ton of cool added features like custom logos,etc. But also keeps you up to date with the latest new technology and much more, read more about both of these bad boys on Our Joyetech Cuboid Page Here.


Kangertech Nebox Review


Full detailed product review with video demonstration and in depth analysis can be found on my Kanger Nebox Review Page. In a brief nutshell the Nebox is an all in one box style vaping device that has some very unique high tech features. Such as temperature control settings and pre-set digital functions for starters.

It also has a built in tank with the option for using a RBA or a rebuild-able Atomizer for the more advanced vaper or vaporess. As mentioned there is a ton of great info on this product in the full review page if this type of device strikes your interest.

Kangertech Subox Nano Review

kanger subox nano starter kit blu

My full detailed report on the Nano is available on the Kanger Subox Nano Review  . The Subox has some great little features and is kind of geared more towards women than some of the other vaping mods. It’s small light weight and comes in some flamboyant colors.

It’s also a box style with built in tank and temp control. Now it is not exclusive for woman only and does come in solid black and also white. But based on the smaller compact size and it doesn’t hold as much liquid it typically fits a woman’s delicate nature.


Top Three Aspire Starter Kits Reviews

aspire-elite-starter-kit-5-50w blu

There are many different vaping starter kits on the market but the folks at Aspire. They really put together some top notch product kits for all levels of vapers. I’ve broken the full review into three sections with the top three kits. The first in the series is their Basic K1 Glassomizer Starter Kit  . This is a great way for the people who are just trying to break the cigarette smoking habit with vaping.

The functions are simple and the price is very modest, so you can test the vaping waters if you will. The next level of kit is the mid level unit that has a bit more features and power for full review visit my Aspire Elite Kit Review.

This is a tad more advanced and uses a larger tank (Atlantis2) which holds 5mls of liquid. Plus the battery is high powered unit that comes with all the bells and whistles to give the best experience. Then finally the top vapers choice of kit  Aspire Platinum Kit Review. This baby has got it all, super features, size and POWER.


Top Tanks Reviewed

Kanger Tanks

kanger-subtank-nano blu2

There are literally hundreds of different tanks and more entering into the market everyday. But for now we have the top performing tanks from the top makers Kangertech and Aspire.



The in depth reviews from these two range from the standard vaping tanks to sub ohm vaping tanks. To see the specifics from each visit our Kanger Tank Reviews which discusses the subtank models and all the advantages and disadvantages for these tanks


Aspire Tank

aspire nautilus bluAs far as the Aspire brand they have been the leaders in the industry for quite sometime. We are currently working on some of their latest sub ohm tanks such as the Triton for example. However for the beginner vapers we cover the Atlantis, Atlantis 2 and the Nautilus Mini in great detail in the Aspire Nautilus Review


What Is a Vape Mod?

It didn’t take long for some vendors to offer commercial mods for e-cigs. Just as some companies offer modified components for cars like steering wheels, seats, and wheels. They’re usually found in local electronics stores, and a store that sells e-cigs will usually have some mods available as well.

Nowadays, the term “mod” is now used as the generic term for the housing that contains the battery. It’s the component that provides the power for heating the coil to produce the vapor with the nicotine.
Typically, the bestselling mods offer basic amenities such as onboard charging with micro USB. A backlit display, and the capability to run in variable wattage or variable voltage mode.

Some come in truly interesting designs, and they can help vapers end up with an e-cig that matches their creative and personal preferences. It’s no longer enough that they simply look like a regular cigarette.


Vaping 101

Vaping is a way to consume nicotine without having to deal with the cancer-causing toxins produced when you inhale the cigarette smoke. As the term “vaping” implies, this electronic gadget produces vapor.

Typically, you only find four ingredients in an e-cig. There’s the nicotine, Propylene Glycol, which is felt in the throat upon inhaling, and the Vegetable Glycerin. Which enables the actual vapor production. The final ingredient is the flavor, and it can range from traditional tobacco, fruity varieties to ice cream flavors.


Effects of Vaping

Let’s first start with the nicotine. This is the component that’s addictive in regular cigarettes, which is why nicotine patches are used for quitting smoking. It’s not really a good idea to stop using nicotine right away when you’re addicted to them. You have to wean yourself from nicotine gradually.

But why do people start smoking and enjoying nicotine in the first place? Aside from the social factors such as peer pressure and looking “cool”, the fact of the matter is that nicotine is a stimulant and a relaxant. It stimulates the release of various neurotransmitters. These produce pleasant feelings, and they relieve negative feelings like pain and anxiety.

The problem with cigarette smoking, however, is not just with the nicotine

But also with the burning process that results in toxins that cause cancer. This is the most importance difference between vaping and smoking. With vaping, there’s no burning tobacco, so those carcinogens are not a problem at all. Just in case, you don’t know, nicotine doesn’t cause cancer.

Using an e-cig can help with your efforts to quit smoking because they let you reduce your nicotine consumption gradually. It also addresses the habitual actions associated with smoking cigarettes, such as lighting up, inhaling, and exhaling smoke (or vapor in this case).

You can start by using e-liquid (which you put in an e-cig) with the amount of nicotine equivalent to a regular cigarette. That’s about 18 mg of nicotine. Then gradually you can switch to 12 mg (same as a “light” cigarette), and then finally to 6 mg. Eventually, you can reach 0 mg so you don’t consume any nicotine at all.

Your vaping just provides you with the flavor

You can also satisfy your habit of lighting up and inhaling without necessarily putting your health at risk. Some people quit smoking by replacing the habit with another, and vaping follows that template. But at least the replacement habit of inhaling vapor with no nicotine is harmless. Many have tried to quit smoking by munching on snacks instead, and replaced it with another issue that causes health problems like obesity.


Personal Vaporizer

If you’re buying a vaporizer with the intent of personalizing it, there are some commercial kits available that can let you do just that. Some allow you to change the color or the look. With the option of getting any flavor of nicotine you want, vaping is truly a personalized experienced.

But you can also purchase and use vaping mods that boost battery life, and others even offer variable voltage. With all these vaping mods, you can customize your vaping experience so you get the full benefits and maximum enjoyment.


Some people can’t quit even if their life depends on it…LITERALLY!

I know this first hand from personal experience with my mother. She just recently suffered a massive heart attack (3-14-15) where her two main arteries leading to her heart were completely clogged. Luckily the surgeon was able to do a balloon procedure and implanted stents to open the passageways to her heart. It’s a very scary and difficult experience and must be taken one step at a time to full recovery.

The doctors strict instructions among other health related eating habits and medication prescription, was to stop smoking period!

Now, my mother has been a smoker since she was 15 years old, and she is now 74!
That’s an astounding 59 years of continuous tobacco intake that has finally started taking its toll on her. One would think after such a dramatic incident and being told by your doctor that you have no choice but to quit would be enough, right?

WRONG, That is where most people find themselves today when trying to stop. Whether being told by a medical professional or just making a conscious decision, the process isn’t easy. to avoid withdrawal and find an alternate replacement. Now there are many options available within our site for assistance ranging from acupuncture to hypnosis, etc. Not every method is for all, for various different reasons.


The secret to quitting isn’t breaking away from the physical addiction

The most important thing is to commit mentally first.

You need to want to stop with every fiber in your body if you’re even going to have a chance, to quit smoking. This type of commitment is required for every bad habit and is the proven foundation treatment to success.

Once you have convinced yourself that NOW is the right time…(and believe me it is), getting assistance on the physical part is crucial. As we discuss (in our many helpful pages) to combat the physical addiction to the nicotine and other tobacco addicting chemicals, you will need some type of aid.

You can opt to try cold turkey, but statistics shows that 8 out of 10 attempts fail. If you’re serious, you may want to use a nicotine aid to get you through the first main barrier. The idea is when first going through the quitting process, try not to make the transition too difficult.


We could put a man on the moon back in the day, but we couldn’t invent an effective nicotine aid until now!


Before today’s technology in nicotine aids, there were few options available and most, didn’t help very much. Concluding that most people just had to do it via the cold turkey method.

Even with today’s gums and patches, most people still find themselves craving a cigarette and often sneak one here or there. The problem is, just like cheating on a diet or taking a break from a daily routine workout.The odds of sticking to your commitment decreases with each little cheat. So if you think one little puff won’t hurt, you’re wrong. I’ve known people that would smoke while on the patch or chewing nicotine gum.

That to me is absurd and defeats the purpose completely. Needless to say, they’re still smoking to this day, because of cheating while ” quote on quote” attempting to quit through gums and patches.
The problem with those type of aids quite simply is they only address the physical addiction part of the equation and not the mental. Meaning yes their body is getting the nicotine, but it’s not helping with the actual smoking sensation.

Chewing gum doesn’t give a true smoking sensation, now does it?

The need to have a similar smoking sensation is very an important component to avoid cravings. A smoker has what I title as “tinkeritis”( that’s not a real word, but it address’s the point). When someone quits cold turkey, their mind is so used to holding something in their hands and mouth, that they will often chew on straws or licorice to occupy their old habit.

A research fact and one of the reasons it’s hard for someone to quit simply cold turkey. You need a powerful amount of will power to commit fully and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As mentioned the road is a difficult one and the first step is the hardest by far, but it truly is downhill from there but we offer other pages for further assistance.

Help is just around the corner for those needing assistance to stop smoking

The information found on this site will give any person reading this, everything needed to win the battle and then some. So you’re in good hands and the right place. You can view all the different options available in the right sidebar area.

Wishing you the very best success and once again congratulations on your wise decision.


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